Posted on October 11, 2008


Evening Ladies and Gents!

It’s time yet again for another edition of Nightly Candy with your hostess with the mostess…
I’m a little bit frustrated with myself, because I accidently erased a work of art in the wee hours this morning!
As I wiped the one lone tear from the corner of me eye duct, I decided to stop feeing sorry for myself and BUCK UP! I’m just going to recreate the magic! I just have to.
It was so liberating to put my own issues on BLAST like for you all like that.
I mean if you’ve had the chance to catch my one woman show, it’s evident that I like to make fun of myself and the wretched choices I have made in men for the past several years. BUT it’s much easier to mock, then to share the inner most secrets of your soul!
You know what! I’m throwing caution to the wind…. and getting real with adoring public! You’ve never do me wrong!
Please don’t start now…

Here it goes…

I think a lot of people are under the misconception that finding a LOVE is something that an expected part of life. I used to be one of those naive souls. I have come to know that love from a partner is conditional and anyone is truly lucky and blessed to have the real thing.

It’s almost like winning a lottery of sorts, or more like BINGO (the odds are more in your favor for that game right?)  

In 2003, I had my Bingo card in hand, and realized that my numbers matched and the excitment filled my body as I knew I had Bingo! Where the problem lies is that I failed to yell out that I won! I didn’t shout out B-I-N-G-O! 
How could you win a game and not claim your prize you ask? Oh… it was a combo of things.. but we’ll get into that later.

The question at hand is….

Is it too late for me to cash in on that particular winning card? FIVE YEARS later??? Oh the drama of it all. But you all love salacious stories… This one is a doozey..

Let me start it off for you and set the stage…
I’m going to take you back into time….. back into time

The year: 2003
This was me….. a young, naive, fashion design bound lassie who thought I KNEW everything

If I only knew NOW what I knew then!

If I only knew NOW what I knew then!

I was bumping on my CD player (because there was NO NANO or IPOD to be had)


50 Cent ” In Da Club

Sean Paul’s “Get Busy”

And a West Coast artist by the name of RES! This song was my JAM! I think I wore out the CD actually! This song came out in 2001, but I was a late bloomer to have fly RES really is… check it out

RES featuring NAS “Ice King”

Now that I’ve set the mood, the vibe the tone… Check out Part II to get more of this torrid tale!


See you on the flip side kids


Night Night