‘Da LOVE B-I-N-G-O part DEUX

Posted on October 12, 2008


Bonsoir my Sweets!

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As promised the second part to the love tale I had started in my previous post! Are you excited to learn more? Because I am ready to dish it out!

So I wittingly through in at the end a little French in the title, because the love was of a French men.

Yes you read it correctly! Now for those of you who are already grumbling about the French thing! Get over it! That is so 1950 to think in that George W, “Freedom  Fries” and “Freedom Toast”  and a bit xenophobic (yah..that’s right I through in an SAT word in there).

I mean I heart all things FRENCH! Of course the love of the Frenchie had something to do with it, but I mean its in the history, the culture! I mean look at Napoleon for crying out loud.


 This gurl sure knew the game pretty darn well!

The beauty and splendor of Paris was driven by the passion of Napoleon for his Josephine, his wife at times I am sure, and a sleugh of other French hoars he was kicking it with on the side.  Does it  get anymore saucy?  Passion is  embedded in the DNA of the Parisian people. They can’t help but to be passionate about everything. This was apparent when the first Bingo chip hit the floor. The night I fell for John-Pierre.
I wish I was that much of a an inconsiderate biznatch to slap a picture up of JP for you to see! Actually, I am that much of a BIZ, but unfortunately I don’t have any pictures readily on me. Besides he’s not much to write home about upon first glance anyway! Oh wait! I’ll draw one really quick!
I know you must be thinking, “What the hell is wrong with this girl?” No offense taken, because that’s been asked of me so many times I have lost count.
So… I can’t or more like I won’t get into how I even met JP because this would quickly transcend into a novel!  PLUS it’s a total teaser for you all to stick around for the whole torrid story in novel form! But trust me it’s a doosey, and one that you need to make yourself a cocktail for, and I am sure most of you have already done that for the evening! So if you want the scoop de doop you’ll have to wait for the book. 

Just like you, I was not impressed upon first glance of the Frenchie. It wasn’t until he opened his mouth and started talking, and I was instantly sprung. Let me break it down.

1) The Scorpio Factor: As a Cancer woman my loins literally begin tingle for a Scorpio man. Cancers know what’s sup with this.
2)I can’t lie, I’m a sucker for an accent
3)True to form, as an artist, I’m a real sucker for another artist. Especially a multi-talented one. He’s a photgrapher, and an amazing musician.
(yeah right, like I’m going to tell you which one he is?)
It was a combination that I couldn’t resist, and for SIX amazing months in New York City I was enchanted and enwrapped by the loin tingling mystique of John-Pierre.
I knew from the very beginning that he was on a student visa, and that he had to leave. I just had to almost dissconnect from that, because I didn’t want to spent one iota of the time we had together thinking about when he had to leave.
I mean for crying out loud, the first night he came back to my little studio apartment in Brooklyn, I was just besides myself to begin with. But when he told me that he didn’t want to sleep with me that night, because he wanted to really “feel” me first, it was an WRAP!
Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? I couldn’t believe it. With all the men I had dated previously I had to stratageize a military plan of action of how I was going get out of giving it up on the first night, and her this man was telling me, he wanted to connect with me first?
It was unbelievable.
But what was even more unbelieveable was that very first night.
It’s the most personal and intimate thing to entanagle yourself in another human being for hours. Although NOT one piece of clothing came off of either one of us, it was as if we were stark naked next to one another. It was so bare, so raw,
and so right.
I have NEVER in my life previous to that experience or after had a man tell me he wanted to spend the night “counting our kisses”
That’s what he said to me…
and that is what he did…
I lost track around 50 or 60
I wish I could inject you all with the feeling that I had because words can’t describe it.
It was more like a drug induced kind of feeling.
That’s the way he made me feel every time we spent together.
And can you believe, all though I have NEVER EVER felt like that towards anyone I never told him that I loved him?
The night when he had to board the plane back to Paris, was a night I had to dissconnect with my body, and almost become another person. That was the only way I could deal without throwing myself on the L’s train tracks.
SERIOUSLY… it was that bad Y’all…..
HOW BAD you ask…..
You’ll have to wait for that one in PART III! 
It’s soooooooo worth it you guys, I promise.
In part III we go to PARIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don’t miss it!
The last words he said to me after we made passionate love
(so passionate that I felt our bodies LEVITATE about 1/2 inch off the bed, NO LIE)
I thought I was going to LOOSE it then
but not just then…
I LOST it when I said “Oh John-Pierre….. I will miss making love to you”
and he replied
“It’s not the last time..”
I just wanted to melt into the wooden floor at that point…
Just before I go… I want to leave y’all with a song from Jazmine Sullivan (feat. Missy Elliot, that totally encompasses my feelings after saying good bye to John Pierre that night…..
ahhh a shame I couldn’t say this to him then….
So STAY tuned for more in
Sweet Dreams Kids
Night Night