Why I Want to Stick Something Sharp in My Eyes When Listening to Gov. Sarah Palin

Posted on October 14, 2008


Good Evening My Fellow Americans,

I had to take a minute from sharing the chronicles of my love life, to rant about Gov. Sarah Palin.

With the election days away, it would be un-American of me to not use my platform to speak my piece!

She makes me want to gouge my eyes out whenever she pops up on the tube. I get overwhelmed with that sense of embarrassment, and it such a horrendous feeling.

I remember the day I turned on my television when John McCain announced his running mate. I just couldn’t believe it that he would stoop that low to “one up” Obama being the first Black man to be a for the Presidency. I thought it was a Pimp Slap in the face of America. Did he really think we were that stupid and couldn’t see through this facade?

But then I remember that I live in NYC, which is it’s own separate entity and not a microcosm of the US as a whole. Which began to scare me????

What if the people in the red states actually identify with this woman??????? That’s when the JAWS panic music started to go off in my head!

I mean I am a feminist all the way! Being a feminist does not mean I support just anyone with a uterus in positions of power! That would be really wak! I am true to my word, in my previous post about how I think Elizabeth Hasselbeck from the “The View” is one of the most annoying women on TV, my feelings are such because she is inarticulate amongst many other irritating qualities that I can’t stand! It is one of the most teeth grinding, attributes for a woman in a public position who does NOT possess the ability to talk! Why the hell should you be in a position of power if you can’t explain yourself in a manner in which most people can understand you? And yes I love LMBAS off at the myraid of SNL spoofs, but I don’t think it’s cool for a VP hopeful to give steady and daily material to the late night comics!

Palin sets women back two or three decades, after we’ve come so far! It’s heartbreaking to see this happening to our country. How have people stood by and allowed this happen!

I don’t care that she is the Govenor of Alaska. Alaska is a state that no one identifies with unless you live there. She could have had a starring role in the Cohen brother’s movie “Fargo”. That’s totally who she reminds me of. Watching her during the Vice Presidential debate was one of the most painful experiences for me to do date. I have not given birth to a child, but I suppose the pain for equal or even worse to that.

And speaking of child birth, what is up with her family???? What happened to the good ole days when we looked up to the Presidential hopefuls and their families? They should be role models of sorts. When I look at her husband with all the kids, the down syndrome baby,  I just reads more Trailer Park than hockey Mom, and most definetly not a Vice Presidential candidate! 

My fellow Americans, We are BETTER THAN THIS! Please I beg of you….  Haven’t we gone through enough already???? PLEASE have a heart and THINK really hard before you go to the polls.

It was a piece of cake finding clips to support my claims. It was a little too easy though. And painful, quite painful to watch!

Here are some of my favorites in no particular order. They all show the true fact that this woman is unintelligent, and needs years and years of more experience in politics before stepping into the ring of VP.

If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself!

CNN has a laugh at Palin’s expense

David Letterman doesn’t have to get his staff to do much to get some laughs from Palin

In the grand scheme of things, I don’t care about Matt Damon’s views on anything really. But apparently most of the world does because of three millions people on you tube. I have to admit, I do agree with him wholeheartedly!

Now here comes the winner! Snippets from the Couric Interview. Now as much as Palin makes me want to duck and run for cover, I do have a heart. How could you not feel bad for the woman?



Now for those of you who were considering a vote for the McCain/Palin ticket (well I doubt you would be into my Blog anyhow) But for some strange reason if I’ve been able to hold your attention, PLEASE if nothing else watch these clips!!!

and with that my people. It’s time for bed! Let my words marinate in your mind!


Sweet Dreams!


Night Night*