The LOVE B-I-N-G-O (the fo’ real FINALE)

Posted on October 15, 2008


Evening People,

Tonight is a FULL MOON! So I expect a lot of you to tune in late night after some wild and unexplainable antics! If you are in the mood to hear the finale to the twisted Parisan story that I began to tell a couple of posts ago!

The story left off, with me scrapping my heart off the floor when I failed to tell the Frenchie how I felt, and I decided to CHERISH the love we had.

That was the plan and I was sticking too it. It got easier as the days turned into weeks, then into months, and soon into years…  

until September 2008…..

Because of the online community that I so hesitantly joined, called FACEBOOK a couple of months ago, I was tagged in a photo from the PAST. It was a picture of me, John-Pierre, and another friend at a party several years ago in Paris. My jaw dropped to the floor when my eyes first glanced this photo. You know how a photo, or a smell, can transmit you right back. It’s like a time warp of sorts!

Things got a little bit more interesting when I made aplay by “adding” John-Pierre as my friend on Facebook. Less than 24 hours he had added me! It was like the past 2 years of silence had been wiped away with that one click.

Then…. I got a message in my INBOX from the notorious JP saying

yooo lady !
it’s been a while …
how you doin ?
I hope everything’s going good for you
big hug from paris

Okay.. when I read that kids, I almost lost my bodily functions..

So then of course I wrote him back telling him all the amazing things I was up to! Then because of the wonders of online living, I was able to send me a virtual hug… a furry hug at that!







It was a WRAP! 

It was like the killer chess move that started an onslaught of virtual SUPER- POKES!

He started sending me 





I would check my FB and there would be several EVERYDAY! I just didn’t know what to think? Was this leading up to something or was this absolutley assinine for me to be analyzing Super Pokes from Facebook?

For about a day or two ago, I thought that this was the ultimate sign? A furry hury??? YES He loves me! 


I have come to my damn senses!!

This is soo stupid! Frenchie had his chance to throw his chips down, and is now using cartoon kisses to get my attention? Hmmm how would I that is C’est Tres LAME! Besides I am way too hot for him anyway! I mean remember…… 

He’s going to have to do A LOT better than that!


and look at me now……


Enough Said!

My girl Sarah Bareilles sang it best!




I thank you for allowing me to expell my written diheritics! You guys rock the house!

I can’t wait to holla at you tomorrow evening with yet another rant or tale from the chronicles of mi vida loca!


Nighty Night