Sarah Palin: Will I Eat My Words???

Posted on October 19, 2008


Buenos Noches mi Amigos!

HAPPY SATURDAY NIGHT Y’all! I hope you all have enjoyed this beautiful fall evening! I hope that you all take a moment to check me out after your night out on the town, or your night in front of the tube with a 40! Whatever your evning activites were this evening, I accept you with open arms!


So let me get right down to it! The title of this blog!

I can’t lie on Thursday I started to steadily anticipate the appearence of Governor Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live! As much as I wanted to block out the anticipation, I couldn’t ignore it. I just wanted to see what Lenore Michaels and the McCain team would agree on! How could she even face the cast/crew that has made her mockery a household name…………

This Evening the Carabou Barbie, Sarah Palin made her comedic debut! 

I must say….I don’t think I have had a laugh like that on SNL since the days of David Spade, Adam Sandler, and the late Chris Farley’s Gap’ Girls Skits… I mean let’s face it, SNL’s rating have been steading going DOWNHILL, they owe a whole lot to Sarah Palin for bringing the ratings right back up!

Where do I begin…..

First of ALL…. PROPS to Amy Poehler! That white girl has some Hustle and Flow going on! Preggers and all! I was shocked! The ryhme was hilarious, and what is even funnier is that the McCain/Palin camp signed off on it! I know they are trying to do EVERYTHING and ANYTHING they can to win votes, and with the superficiality of most Americans, an appearence on SNL might have just done the trick! That is almost even scary to write, but I have to admit it is true! 

Although Palin hardly had any dialoug, her appearence said it all! She was bopping her head, and “raising the roof” as Poehler mocked her Husband, and her love of hunting! They even had gunshots in the background, as Palin bopped her head to the beat!

Yes…. we know the women doesn’t know a thing about foreign policy, but she sure can “take the piss” as my English fellows would say… 

Sarah Palin on SNL


HILARIOUS… truly! I mean… I am serious about my comedy! As much of an oxymoron as that is, it’s true! I can’t stand the fluff stuff, but this was truly one of SNL’s funniest moments. And like I said before McCain announced Palin as his running mate, SNL was scrapping the bottom of the barrel for funny stuff! I am sure Lenore Michales has $$$$$$$$$$ in his eyes right now, as I am sure tonight’s show got the most ratings so far this year… Probably in the last ten years. Don’t quote me on that one though…

On a political level, it’s no secret from my previous post on Palin, that having her in the White House would be a colossal mistake for this country, I do believe however that this as pathetic as it sounds that Americans will shape their political opinion based on a sketch comedy show, but the truth does hurt.. don’t it! I believe this helped McCain….

So Obama… if you read Nightly Candy…. which I know you do! Get your adviser on the phone with Lorne Michaels and get yourself on SNL…. and do it STAT! You’ve got to make him hip funny! Not that old- senator black tie humor you were doing at the Alfred Smith annual dinner in New York City last week. I cut you some slack though Barack, I know you couldn’t unleash the dragon in front of that crowd, you did your best. But for SNL this time around you have got to bring it!! 

Take my advice Barak…. FUNNY WORKS!! If you heed these wise words…. the election is YOURS!

Well after you have a chance to view the skit. Whatcha think?

Well kids, its been real this evening. A night of laughs before bedtime! Just the way I like to send myself off into tranquil sleep, with a smile on my face! I know I’ve brought the same to you! See you on the flipside!


Night Night