Dropping Distubria Bombs: Half Man/Half Tree

Posted on October 21, 2008


What’s Good in the Nightly Hood?

It’s actually early morning here on east coast! I was a little disturbed this evening, so I thought who better to bring my “Disturbia” As a slight digression. I have to have this song in the background as I lead into the story. Although pop music does annoying me to no end, I love me some Rhianna!

Okay… so I can’t get too in depth with this post, because I am still grappling with the content. So last night I had a great conversation with my Father on the Ichat! In the background is the beautiful beach, and the sound of the ocean roaring (He’s in Hawaii)! It put me in the best of moods to speak with him. As we were winding down the conversation he just HAD to take it the conversation to a dark and dreary place. 

I don’t entirely blame him though, someone had disturbed him with this information. When you get disturbed like this, you just want to share it , and pass it on. The statement “Misery Loves Company” can’t be anymore true.

He shared with me that his sister in London had called him earlier that day. They had a lovely chat, until she dropped a BOMB! She told him all the way from jolly old England to watch the cable channel TLC that night at 8pm to watch a show about a man who was half man and half tree.

Yes… you read what I wrote correctly. My father asked my Aunt if she had been hitting the bourbon again (she did have a nasty drinking problem back in the day) she of course denied it, and told him to tune into the show! Of course he couldn’t ignore something like that. Your brain just doesn’t want to process something like that…. So indeed he had to just mention that to me before we got off the phone… It was infectious.  Although I missed the airing of the special on TLC, because of the beauty of You Tube, I was able to view it.

All I have to say, is that INSANITY REIGNS in this world! It was soo wrong! Hasn’t this man suffered enough? He lives in poverty, in Indonesia. The only way he could make a living is with a circus of sorts, and then TLC decided to further the spectacle by broadcasting his horrendous tree-like warts to millions of people??? I just couldn’t believe it! 

More importantly what I couldn’t believe was that warts can morf in that way! It was ALL  sooo WRONG! 


and just like how my Dad dropped the Disturbia Bomb on me…

I’m going to pass it on, and do it to you…

Part I

Part II

Part III

I’m going to stop it there… If you want to see the rest of it, something is not quite right! But hey, I won’t judge. Let me know and I can get the rest of this tale for you all.

I would seriously suggest a glass of wine before bed after viewing this, to knock you right out!

On that note…

I’m Out!


Nighty Night