Dropping Disturbia Bombs:Half Man/Half Tree: Another Look

Posted on October 23, 2008


Evening Lads and Lassies,

I hope your evenings have been as eventful and fun filled as mine!

Tonight I just wanted to touch base very quickly on my lost post concerning the a man in Indonesia who has been named “Half Man/ Half Tree”.

Where does one begin…..

“Half Man/ Half Tree” for them to even coin that phrase and label him as such, is just plain wrong. It’s just to draw you into the sensationalism of it all. I was one of the sad soul’s that fell for it

hook, line, and sinker.

My sister was also disturbed by this story, also blogged about it last night.  This morning when I was reading up on my favorite blogs,  of course I came across hers. My first reaction when I saw her post was that I busted out in gut wrenching laughter. Not because I am a heartless and cruel person, with not a shred of sympathy in my heart, but because of the picture that she had posted on Half Man/Half Tree. She googled Half-Man Half-Tree and came across this picture


So When did TLC have the time to do a photoshoot with this man? Instead of concentrating on finding some resolution for him and his serious and scary wart infection, they some how found the time to blow out his locks, (I think they also added some highlights if I am not mistaken) and cloaked him in some Armani fresh linen outfit. All to market their 1 hour “mockumentary”. I thought TLC also stood for “Tender Loving Care” guys.

I just had to make an adendum to this story. I promise this is the last.

Here is something superficial and funny for you to take your mind off of this disturbing subject.

I love me some Will Ferrell! If you haven’t seen this skit called “The Landord” is it hilarious!

Will Ferrell: The Landlord


And that’s all she wrote…

For Tonight that is…..


Night Night