The Look for Less: Nana-Adwoa models for Jacklyn Smith: Part I

Posted on October 25, 2008


Bonsoir Les Amis!


Aren’t you happy that this post has something that doesn’t makes you cringe in fear or rage! I’m just a wee bit excited about this, so what better forum to share my excitement than will you all!

In addition to blogging on WordPress, I pay my way through the world doing several things. One of which is designing a clothing label, called Brooklyn Is My Closet. (If have any interest in checking it out, please feel free to visit our Myspace URL or our website As a designer I am usually behind the scenes, overseeing production details, casting for models, sourcing fabrics, etc. etc. I hadn’t spent any time thinking about being on the other side and modeling EVER before, but hey when approached with an opportunity, I thought to myself “Hey… Why Not!”

Usually most designers would not spend time promoting other designers collections, but how could I turn down Jacklyn Smith? I mean she is an original Charlie’s Angel! That 70’s fashion is what practically drove me to be a designer. How could I refuse such an opportunity to meet such an amazing woman!


The even cooler thing about this whole experience is that I’m making my modeling debut on National TV! It will air LIVE on “The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet” on Tuesday 10/28! If you haven’t ever watched the show and have the time or interest in morning TV. You should check out the show. It totally trumps Regis and Kelly which in my opinion is SO PLAYED OUT!


Check out a sneak peak of the fitting!!!! It was surreal being a model! I wanted to tell the stylist what to do! I had to bite my tongue several times!


I could get used to this people!!

Watch out World…. HERE I COME!!!


I’ll have some video up of the actual show next week!



and with that….

I bid you all a GOOD NIGHT!!!

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