SHOCK & AWE: Murder in Jennifer Hudson’s Family

Posted on October 26, 2008


Tonight’s Post is not so sweet……

It is with GREAT sadness and SHOCK that I greet you this evening my virtual family!

I was STUNNED with the news of the murder of Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson’s Mother and Brother and kidnapping of her 7 year old Nephew in Chicago’s South Side. This is a horrifying crime. My condolences go out to her and the entire family.

According to CNN Hudson’s mother, Darnell Donerson, and brother Jason Hudson were found slain Friday in their home on Chicago’s South Side, according to police. An Amber Alert has been issued for Hudson’s 7-year-old nephew Julian King.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, William Balfour, 27, has been taken into custody.

On his MySpace page, Balfour says he is married to Jennifer Hudson’s sister Julia Hudson and has a stepson.

I will NOT be giving the suspect any face time on this blog. It is disrespectful to the memory of her mother and brother to give anymore attention to the man who is being questioned for this heinous and miserable crime.

Anyone who takes another life, in my opinion looses their rights to anything and everything! I don’t have to wait for the details of the case to unfold. This crime unfortunately was driven by insanity, greed, and the dollar. It is such a shame that Hudson has overcome so many obstacles to obtain her dreams, and has to suffer this tragedy. It is clear even by looking at the pictures of the man held in custody he is crazy. Hudson’s sister was had a child with a crazy man, and unfortunately put her family in danger. 

I’m curious as to why the family was still living in the hood of the south side of Chicago with Hudson’s success? I have personally never been to the South-Side, because I have heard TOO many scary stories from people that have struggled and clawed their way so that they could leave such an environment. In addition it is so very important that if you happen to find yourself to be an overnight success, you have to BE SO CAREFUL about who is around your immediate circle. I am not in any way shape or form suggesting that Hudson is at fault for the actions of a crazed baby father of her sister, BUT I am saying that when you are an Oscar winner, in the limelight it is important to seclude yourself. This is why celebrities have million dollar estates, live in gated communities, and date each other, because you are a target when you are in the limelight!

To any future stars of the world who are reading this POST, and actually to anyone else….. PLEASE SEPARATE YOURSELF from the crazies in your world! Change your phone number, move, change jobs, pretend like its the witness protection program! 

Don’t take a chance with the unbalanced in the brain! It’s just not a gamble you can afford. Even if it’s your own flesh and blood, CUT THEM OFF! 

I pray to the Lord above that Hudson’s nephew, Julian is still alive! According to Julian, the missing boy, is 4 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 130 pounds. He was wearing a brown polo shirt with stripes and khaki pants when last seen, authorities said in the Amber Alert. 

If you are fortunate enough to have loved ones around you this evening, GIVE THANKS for your blessings and appreciate them every minute of every day!

Have a Blessed Evening