Nana-Adwoa Interviews Musical Sensation: Purple Vintage Space Princess: PART I

Posted on October 27, 2008


Buenos Noches My Cyber Family:


As the weekend winds down, I hope you all are savoring the last bits of your weekend bliss! This post will most definetly give you some pep in your step to carry into the work week!

There been some curiosity about this special artist that has been brewing on this blog. I decided to give you all a sneak peek into the life of the acoustic singer/songstress PURPLE VINTAGE SPACE PRINCESS!

This young artist is the musical lovechild of Joanie Mitchell, Miles Davis, Phoebe Snow, and James Taylor. What a mix of musical DNA! She performs regularly in NYC at such venues as Zebulon, Galapagoes, and many more.  Her debut album “Meet the Purple Vintage Space Princess” has received glowing reviews!

Take a look at PART I of our fantastic interview!



Stay Tuned for Part Deux!!


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