Part Deux of my Interview/Purple Vintage Space Princess: Vintage Style Icon

Posted on October 27, 2008


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This interview with Purple Vintage Space Princess was really a lot of fun! I find that now-a-days music is sooo fake, and commercial with synthesized beats, and Blondie chicks who have no musical talent whatsoever and like to show their va-jay-jays to the camera. I am a fan of 70’s music where it was just about people with their street clothes on, their instruments in hand, and a microphone. No jiggy beats, no video hizoes making it clap in the club, it was all about the music! That is why I am feeling artist like Adele, Sara Barielles, and the PURPLE VINTAGE SPACE PRINCESS!

Check out the second half of our interview where we get to learn a little bit more about the artist!

In addition to learning about the source of her songs, we learn that PVSP (her nickname) is a what we fashionistas like to call a Style Icon! She sets trends by gaining her inspiration (like her music from the past)! Her favorite clothing line is a Brooklyn based line uniquely called Brooklyn Is My Closet. They specialize in a unique juxtaposition of trends from the 50-70’s and what’s hot and poppin’ TODAY! Under Brooklyn Is My Closet is a signature knits line called MAO Knit NY. They do everything from hats, scarves, shawls, ponchos, jumpers, jackets, you name it. If you can KNIT it, they have it! You can learn more about grabbing some of this fashion for yourselves on their Myspace URL!

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Thanks for tuning in kids. If you are interested in hearing more of PVSP, Check out her website


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