Addendum: The Chubby Bunny Phenomenon

Posted on October 29, 2008


Evening Y’all,


This is a quick addendum to my previous post concerning The Chubby Bunny phenomenon that attacks young people between the ages of 10-21, + or – a couple years or cromosones, which ever is irrelevant.

Just the other day, my sister confided me and told me that yes… she also had participated in this crazy game as a youth back in the day! I wouldn’t have believed her if she had not provided me with a picture as evidence! With permission, I informed her I was going to put her on BLAST on my BLOG! 

This is little sister and her friends as she stuffs her mouth with sticky, powdery, airway passage blocking…



Take a Look and Have a Laugh


Ahh… This is too much fun!


That’s All for Now My People!


Night Night