How I Survived the Attack of the Sephora Queen!

Posted on October 29, 2008


Bueno Noche Los Amigos,


It is I: Nightly Candy with Nana-Adwoa! I trust all of you are well and are UP for a laugh tonight before bedtime!!!

I wanted to share with you a hilarious and a bit of a frightening experience that I had at Sephora the other day!

First and foremost: PROPS to Sephora! I LOVE this store! It’s like a candy store for a fashionista! I LOVE COLOR and I love the fact that the company encourages giving SAMPLES of everything and anything! The downside to that is, that you can’t police and control who is going to come through with a new case of pink-eye or some crazy rash that they can’t stop scratching…. etc…  So a word to the wise (A very popular saying amongst my parents) ALWAYS USE THE SPONGES, QTiPS, MASCARA BRUSHES that they provide you with NEVER USE the original the actual products brushes… ICK!

I digress…. Back to the Point!

Back to the point…..

My sister, my friend an I went into Sephora a couple days ago to check out what was new, but also we were showing my friend several shades of one of my favorites, “Cargo”! Of course my sister had her videocamera that she takes EVERYWHERE!! We were all in our own worlds, LAUGHING UP A STORM, when a male worker at the register yelled out “Hey….. I’m upset I wasn’t invited to the party”

From that moment, my sister pressed record…..

and the rest is history!


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