Jennifer Hudson Family Tragedy: Family Confirms They Believe it was Domestic Violence

Posted on October 30, 2008


Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, 


I was hoping that my original posting on this tragedy would be my last, but with the latest developments are so heart wrenching, and are so emotional, I had to vent! 

A a couple days ago  the body of Hudson’s 7 year old nephew was found in a white SUV. This defenseless little boy was shot multiple times. The corner’s office has released that Julian was shot twice. This crime was unthinkable enough, but when the MURDER of a child comes into play, it turns the story into a whole other ball game.

William Balfour has not been formally charged for this heinous crime, but he is the man of interest. I along with thousands of other fans of Hudson are praying that the Chicago police solve this crime with haste because it is unacceptable to let this vicious crime go unsolved any longer. This crime is a no-brain-er! I mean let’s face it! Without having prior knowledge that Balfour was convicted and served time for murder and car jacking, that this man is INSANE! You can see it all in the eyes! My question is, how on earth did Hudson’s sister allow someone this dangerous to be around her own child, and subject her family and famous sister to such a heathen? The police have released that they believe that the crime was a domestic related murder, and the Hudson family has agreed and issued at statment that they have started a fund for victims of domestic violence. The outright sadness of this tragedy is that action was not taken sooner to spare the lives of three innocent people that were not involved in a relationship with  Balfour.


What’s even more disgusting, that Balfour’s mother, instead of hiding in shame over the fact that her son is even a question of interest in this crazy case, she is an opportunist, trying to capitalize on the deaths of three people. She has been on talk shows, vehemently defending her murderous, darylict of a son that she brought into the world! It’s pathetic and she should be ashamed of herself. ALSO these talk shows should not give her any air time to spew her ridiculous support of a killer!


The chicago police must hurry and elevate Balfour from a person on interest, and THROW him into a dark cell, and swallow the key!

LET HIM ROT for what he did! Send a CLEAR CUT message to Domestic abusers, that YOU CAN’T RUN, YOU CAN’T HIDE!

I urge anyone who is reading this blog, if you are suffering in an abusive relationship, and you feel like you are trapped, PLEASE REACH OUT, there is help for you!

There is a national hotline that is available to anyone who feels like they are in need. It is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Also there are TTY service for the hearing impaired.


Check out Their Website for more details:




If you have someone you love in your life, make sure to hug them extra tight tonight!!

Realize the blessings that the ones you love bring into your life!