The Look For Less: Part III: No More Penny Pinching! Shop Jaclyn Smith @ KMART for THE LATEST TRENDS!!

Posted on October 30, 2008


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I am still feeling the effects of having the time of my life yesterday  on the set on “The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet”! Meeting Jaclyn Smith was absolutely amazing! I wanted to talk more about the mouth watering pieces!

First, because I am a total fashionista. I want to a bit more about the fashion element of her new Fall line. The design team deserves a BIG ROUND of applause! They really hit it right on the head with this collection. As a designer, I have had the experience of working for a huge corporate design firm, that tried to enlist a designer to come on board and create a sophisticated line for their consumers. This line, “George” for Walmart was a complete and TOTAL BUST! It was pulled off of all of shelves at every single Walmart. The head designer was a joke, and a burn out from the 80’s when he had his hey day. He basically thought he could come on board, hire a sleugh of former Ralph Lauren designers, and “knock off” styles from RL. (that is the fashion industries code for stealing from other designers) It just did not resonate with the Walmart customer in Dayton Ohio. I knew I was on a sinking ship, and thank goodness I jumped over board before it went sinking down like the Titanic! 

I digress

In complete contrary Jacilyn Smith’s Fall 2008 collection is outstanding. As the clip from “The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet” showed, the collection is on the mark with current trends that have been seen in Holywood on such stars as Sarah Jessica Parker, and Anne Hathaway. The clothes were well constructed, cut, and had materials that felt rich, and not cheap as the stereotypical “KMART” some us think about. It is imperative that in order to save money these days as Winter approaches, saving money on Oil and Gas. Although the price of oil has come down from those exorbidant prices from a couple months agom its still a pretty penny to fill up a tank! With the responsibilities that the average working American faces, it is a ridiculous to make ourselves feel guilty because we can’t afford a$300 sweater from Bloomindale’s. I say FORGET BLOOMINGDALES , SAKS 5th AVENUE, and even MACY’S when you can get style tips straight from one of America’s classiest and most fashionable women in the WORLD!

Remember Ladies: ALL OF THE OUTFITS featured on “The Morning Show” were $100 or LESS!! A whole entire outfit! It doesn’t get better than that! Professional women can’t shop for a lesser price point than this. That wold require reaching into the lower tier stores for juniors or pole dancers, i.e DEB’s Fashion, Charlotte Ruse, or I shudder to say it, H&M (it used to be soooo much better than it is!). You can’t go to work (unless you work at a night club) at one of those stores, if you are a respectable woman with a job, career, possibly children, but most definetly respect for herself!

Check out these amazing finds that you can scoop up, and save your dollars! Ladies SHOP GUILT FREE!!! What a feeling that is! You can achieve the hot looks of Hollywood and the New York run ways, without the ridiculous prices! The FANTASTIC part is that it’s available ON LINE!! Check out and type in Jaclyn Smith! It will take you right to the fabulous collection! Just take a look at these mouth watering pieces! 

You just cant beat that! Now you can concentrate on the more important things in your life, like “survival” and forget about catching up on the “Wall Street Journal” watching Stocks, Bonds, and Dividends go up and down like a a bumpy car ride. The Dow Jones is at the worst its ever been one day, to the best it ever een another day! Who has got time for that!
If you need an extra convincing to SHOP JACLYN SMITH! Check out this video! It’s a sneak peak of backstage in the green room on the set of “The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet!” 




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