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(Good Evening in GREEK)


I just can’t wait until the sun officially sets to blog today kids. I’m a ball of energy and I have to just to concentrate on something else until those elections stats come rolling in! I can’t wait to REJOICE with you all tonight! I don’t care how late it is, I WILL BLOG a VICTORY BLOG tonight. In the meantime, there is nothing better to get your mind off of the scariness of John McCain than some good old fashion superficiality!

I want to talk about some real talent out there. Those of you know I am NO FAN of Beyonce’s music. Another mainstream diva of an artist in Rihanna. I believe she has got the FULL PACKAGE!


A REAL TALENTWhen I watch Rihanna, I feel like I am watching a REAL TALENT! When she performs live she is ON POINT each and every time. Most importantly her voice is solid, and her fashion is innovative and off the chains, she’s a business woman (with her own line of UMBRELLAS with TOTES), and she is articulate when asked a question on camera. What more can we want from our mainstream artists!

Rihanna at Channel Fashion Show

Look at this snippet of her interview with “EllEN” 

As sad as it is to write, it’s not too often where you can hear a mainstream black female/ or male artists who are well spoken, with every other word out of their mouths are “Yo… You Knoe whut I be sayin”….. 

Rihanna gets ***** FIVE STARS from me, for being the hottest, chicest, mainstream Pop and R&B DIVA out there! That’s right lady, show them how it is done! Much continued success and keep pumping out those records!

This track “Take a Bow” is an excellent song! Check her out LIVE (not lip syncing)! This song empowers women to END relationships with men that are not making the mark. Instead of the typical, whining “baby you complete me… baby I need you… baby… baby… baby”.  blaaah blahh


Stay Tuned for more topics to ease your mind from the election day anticipation!


More from NCWN in a few hours…

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