!!!! I’M Still an Optimist and BELIEVE in CHANGE!! !!YES WE CAN!!!

Posted on November 4, 2008



Ghame mshvidobisa
(Good Night in Georgian)

I am SOO THRILLED to BE A PART of this HISTORIC and AMAZING part of our nation’s history!

If you are a frequent visitor to Nightly Candy, you already know all to well that I am a FAN of Mr. Barack Obama! If you happen to just be stopping by for an unexpected visit, you’ll be real clear on that after you finish chewing on some Nightly Candy!

I’m not going to school you all tonight! Just know that if you are still undecided (which is crazy to me) but according to the polls a number of you still are…. If you like the direction the country has taken these a past 8 years, vote for McCain and you’ll see what happens when the sane chunk of the population picks up and moves to start our own colony. 

GOD FORBID because it is TIME for CHANGE! 

It’s going to happen!

Here are two FANTASTIC videos for you two! One is to make you LAUGH uncontrollably, and the other to resonate a deep emotion in your soul! That’s right we hit all aspects here!


For all you McCain fans (ick) or people even thinking about voting for him. Watch this first! He is ridiculous, and scary! AND don’t forget about that woman, PALIN!


Here is a MOVING and BEAUTIFUL SONG called “Yes We Can” by the Purple Vintage Space Princess! It will bring a tear to your eye, and hopefully a VOTE too!




Until Tomorrow Night KIDS when we can GET DOWN and CELEBRATE OBAMA as OUR NEXT PRESIDENT!!


Night Night