I CANT BELIEVE IT: I Actually Went on GretaWire!!!!

Posted on November 5, 2008



Bonan nokton

(Good Evening in Esperanto)


I just knew that I couldn’t keep my promise of writing just about superficial topics until the announcement of the elections results. I just couldn’t resist it when my sister came downstairs and told me that she had been on GretaWire… I nearly threw-up on impact in my mouth. GRETA WIRE merely saying those words together is like giving Superman kryptonite. No offense to Greta as a person, loved you in first OJ Simpson murder trials, and give you a THUMBS up on your much facial reconstruction, you are looking GREAT now GRETA

greta before the faceliftGreta after a visit to a wonderful Dr.!

 But on a serious note, I can’t have too much respect for anyone that gets a check from Fox News. It’s kind of like working for the Devil himself. I can attest to this fact because I too was employed by Rupert Murdock as a freelancer for The New York Post, so I am not just full of hot air. (For the record I could only stomach the environment and low pay for 2 months)

I digress though, so sister came down and said she had been on GretaWire to look at what the opposition was writing about on this glorious election day! The postings were just ridiculous, some were humorous. All in support of that old fool John McCain/Palin. It was so pathetic. One comment said something to the fact of “We should support John McCain because he gave Five years of his life in this country” You’ve got to be kidding me? Is that the best you’ve got??? Because this old man fought in a war decades ago, is the reason why I should continue to suffer under the same ideals that aren’t working for another FOUR years. 

Ahh Greta, your blog is a source of such good ucks for me.. It’s inspired me to use some of the content for my stand-up act!

Here is an excerpt of what I wrote to those FOOLS:


To All The McCain/Palin Supporters:

I know that GretaWire is your safe haven to spew the same old ideals from the Bush regime. Let me be a voice of reality for you…..
What McCain failed to do, that Obama was successful at was reaching the youth vote. NEVER before in the history of our country have young, vibrant, voters turned out to the polls in DROVES. This is the first time we have felt that any candidate has spoken directly to us. Facebook has over 100 million users and counting, the votes tallied for OBAMA are currently in the MILLIONS! It fills my heart with such JOY and GLADNESS that these online communities, which were non-existence in our last election have made an impact. McCain/Palin NEGLECTED the power behind the millions of faces of Facebook and Myspace. I have spent HOURS looking for McCain supporters on these sites, and the numbers are pathetic, I won’t even mention it to you, because my intention is not to make you cry this evening. You’ll be doing enough of that later on tonight.
This is a new day, a new dawn. The ideals of the past ARE like dying off like the lilly white haired politicians that have had a stronghold on this country. Young people and minorities, and working class folk are in the words of Fannie Lou Hamer “Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired” I know most of you who frequent this blog are like “whaaat??? who is that?? She was one of the pinnacle voices of the Civil Rights movement. Oh yes.. that’s right… I wrote CIVIL RIGHTS…….

OH… That was a a GREAT LAUGH for me! 

Here’s a precious clip of Greta interviewing comediene Paul Moody. It’s another great

good laugh!



There are almost 1 million people gathered in Chicago waiting for the good WORD!

I’ll Be Back Soon!!






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