!!!!YES WE CAN!!! AND WE DID!!!! Let’s Celebrate PRESIDENT OBAMA!

Posted on November 5, 2008



Jó éjszakát

(Good Evening in Hungarian)



I told you all, even in the midst of my joy, excitement, and BURSTING I promised you a CELEBRATORY BLOG of the NEW PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES!!! BARACK OBAMA

Yaaaaaaah Hoooooooo!!!

Let’s play some Kool in Gang in the background as, I dance around and REJOICE! If you have been reading Nightly Candy for a while, you know I have had unwavering support of Barack Obama!! So this is an incredible moment for me and the rest of the millions of Americans who voted for CHANGE! 

This is a NEW DAY, and a NEW DAWN!

I have to admit, that it was the extra icing on the cake after  experiencing this landslide victory for Obama, that just a couple of hours ago around 6:ish PM I for the first time visited GretaWire! It was such a surreal experience. There are so many angry, old, racist, homophobic people who LIVE on that scary blog! I won’t even take any time to tell you about some of the trash that I read, like I said in my last post I am saving it for a comedy sketch. BUT I am SOO glad that not only did I visit this wretched blog! I left a comment of all comments. That up until now, NOT ONE of their insane viewers has had the balls to respond to. You know why my friends??? Because I SHUT IT DOWN!! You just can’t know how great it feels!  I left you with an excerpt of what I wrote, but here is the whole thing. I’m just so PROUD!


Comment by nightlycandywithnanaadwoa 
November 4th, 2008 at 6:24 pm    

To All The McCain/Palin Supporters:

I know that GretaWire is your safe haven to spew the same old ideals from the Bush regime. Let me be a voice of reality for you…..
What McCain failed to do, that Obama was successful at was reaching the youth vote. NEVER before in the history of our country have young, vibrant, voters turned out to the polls in DROVES. This is the first time we have felt that any candidate has spoken directly to us. Facebook has over 100 million users and counting, the votes tallied for OBAMA are currently in the MILLIONS! It fills my heart with such JOY and GLADNESS that these online communities, which were non-existence in our last election have made an impact. McCain/Palin NEGLECTED the power behind the millions of faces of Facebook and Myspace. I have spent HOURS looking for McCain supporters on these sites, and the numbers are pathetic, I won’t even mention it to you, because my intention is not to make you cry this evening. You’ll be doing enough of that later on tonight.
This is a new day, a new dawn. The ideals of the past ARE like dying off like the lilly white haired politicians that have had a stronghold on this country. Young people and minorities, and working class folk are in the words of Fannie Lou Hamer “Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired” I know most of you who frequent this blog are like “whaaat??? who is that?? She was one of the pinnacle voices of the Civil Rights movement. Oh yes.. that’s right… I wrote CIVIL RIGHTS!!
Don’t forget about the African-American impact in addition to the YOUTH vote!
This was a day of historical importance for African-Americans and they took it VERY seriously. I know the idea just makes your stomach turn sour to imagine if you were black in this country, but if you can stomach it for 2seconds, you would know McCain/ Palin have LOST the election. I guarantee that OBAMA has over 90% of the black vote. Of course there are the self-hating black people, that are delusional to vote for McCain, but I would” bet my bottom dollar ” (there’s a Sarah Palin euphemism for you.. Aren’t you happy now) that blacks in the key states like Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania gathered together in DROVES, to stand in line for hours to cast there votes, with the speech of the slain Martin Luther King Jr. in their heads.
All over the country stories of blacks over come with emotion, I mean SOBBING at the polls, but not tears of sadness, tears of joy my friends. I mean it’s a pretty big deal for black people in this election! I don’t have to remind you blacks were killed and tortured because of the right to vote, and in 2008 only a hand few of decades after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., there is a black man ACTUALLY on the ballot. You think John McCain and Sarah Palin have a chance against that…
Oh and let not forget my GAYS!!
Oh… how I LOVE my gay people! They are OUT, LOUD, and PROUD today! Not only will Prop 8 get a HUGE vote of NO in California, but of course each and every gay person, either OUT or even the repressed ones will VOTE for OBAMA! McCain/Palin made it CLEAR that they do not take kindly to gays. PLEASE do you understand how many Gay people there are in America? Do you know how many repressed ones there are too? Even the repressed and hiding, once that curtain is drawn, and it is just them alone in that voting booth, they will vote BARACK OBAMA! Plain and simple!
Let’s not forget all the progressive Women supporters who want to remain in control of their bodies. There is not a college educated, PROGRESSIVE, urban woman who is casting their vote for McCain.
When you tally up the strength of the YOUTH vote, BLACKS, GAYS, and I didn’t even touch the other minorities, and the millions of other people in this country who are “sick and tired of being sick and tired” they are not casting their vote for John McCain simply because he fought in the war and was a POW. These are frightening thoughts of the OLD school, the voice of the NEW school has spoken! Get used to it!
It’s feels great to be YOUNG!
Go Obama

HA HA HA HA I just love it!

Let me leave you again with the amazing song “Yes We Can” by Mammi-Ama Ofori aka Purple Vintage Space Princess! It encompasses the mood all over the country! YES WE CAN! For the first time I can proudly say “I’m GLAD to be an AMERICAN”