Posted on November 6, 2008



Anyong-hi jumuseyo

(Good Evening in Korean)


EVENING MY PEOPLE!! I am STILL on CLOUD NINE from the HISTORY that was made last night!!! It’s this surreal feeling that I just can’t explain. It’s almost like I have to SLAP my self, forget the pinch. But It’s REAL allright! Yippeee! So… because I am have been all about OBAMA for the past 24 hours, I need a bit a of the superficial world before I dive back into the real world at large!

Before the election countdown, I happen to catch a very disturbing article on TLC. They really should think about changing the name of their station to “Watch This With Your Mouth Open Channel” because I constantly am watching this channel in shock and awe. Of course they know what they are doing, everyone loves some shock and awe in their lives.

This one hour show was dedicated to several women who have the unimaginable story of waking up one day in excruciating pain, and giving birth to children. I thought up until watching this docudrama that it was an old wives tale. How in the hell can that be possible. I can feel every cramp, tingle, or anything going on down in those nether regions, so how is it possible for a woman to carry a fetus for nine whole months without knowing it???? I’ll tell you why and how??


That’s it and that’s all! After watching the stories of these women, they all had one thing in common; a huge circumference around the middle! I mean I’m not talking about chubby women, or just some rolls here, I’m talking like 100 lbs over weight. I hate the term morbidly obese, but maybe I have to break it out for this one. In a nutshell these women had so much extra fat that they did not notice their belly’s extended as a the baby grew inside them. The scary thing is about that, since they had no idea they were pregnant they did not take care of their bodies. Thank goodness all women did not have nasty drug habits, drink, or smoke because combined with the fat would have killed those babies. 

I wonder if the scary Religious Reich would have condemnded these women of murder of their babies if that had happened. We can touch on those scary people in another post!

If you don’t believe me, if you can stomach a bit of this story, by all means take a look. I am not making it up.

The moral of the story: Ladies: Let’s do our best to exercise and keep our bodies in the best physical condition we can be. Extra weight around the middle can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, and unexpected babies.. All very frightening.


Watch at your discretion…

Because that wasn’t such a sweet snack, and its still early, I’ll be back with something much more light hearted in a few hours.



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