Another White Woman Who Went To FAR with INJECTING her FACE!

Posted on November 7, 2008



Oíche mhaith 

(Good Evening in Irish Gaelic)

What’s Good Tonight My People! I know that most of us (that are sane) are still BEAMING over our BOY BARACK! It’s still amazing, and it will be amazing for a really long time!! 

But let’s touch on the superficial, or in this case SUPERFACIAL in this case. Yes that’s right I made up a word. I can do that, it’s my blog, my moment. But seriously Kids this news totally is deserving of making up my own vocab, because there are no words really to describe this.

As I was flipping through the channels on the tube this evening I happened to catch a horrid fright on the screen. One of the ten thousands gossip shows like Access, or some show on E was featuring a story on actress Lisa Rinna. For those of you who are unfamiliar with her (which I am sure most of you are, she’s like a C list celebrity, but a couple of years ago she was on “Dancing with the Stars” which brought her up to a B- or so) she has starred on “Days of Our Lives”, and had a significant role on “Melrose Place”. She is married to ex-hotty Harry Hamlin. Blah Blah Blah…  Okay.. this is what she looked like with a regular does of botox, and the usual white woman over 30 plastic surgery…

Lisa before she went too far

Okay… now.. as you can see.. You can tell she wasn’t born with those lips, breast, or most of her face. This picture is probably only a couple years old.

NOW Lisa has given “In Touch Weekly magazine an exclusive that hits the news stand today, stating that somehow she hadn’t looked in a mirror, and had no idea she had turned into a FREAK SHOW!


Lisa tells In Touch Weekly she’s received facial injections of the filler Juvederm: “We all know everyone does it!” she says. “We go on Jenny Craig and do all these things to change ourselves, so why can’t we get a little filler?”

But she tells the mag that recently, “I saw a picture of myself and thought, ‘Uh-oh,'” adding, “You have to be careful. I’m a perfect example of that!”

She couldn’t have said it better kids. 



I know.. I know… Are your eyes stinging??

LISA, Now what the hell are you going to do? You can’t go to edit and “Undo” unfortunatley!!!


Just accept it, No matter how much you nip & tuck, it WILL NEVER look natural!! Unless you have found the fountain of youth like Jaclyn Smith who still is SMOKIN at 60, you’re just out of luck!



and stop giving us mild heart attacks with your looks, for the love of the Lawd.


Like Forest Gump “That’s All I have to Say About Thaat”


Have a Good Night,

and try to Stay out of the direct way of the Sun!

Love the Skin You are IN!

(isn’t that a commercial???)

Night Night