FACIST FOX TAKES ON FASHION?? This One is for You Noelle Watters..

Posted on November 11, 2008


Shubha raatri

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My Party People!!!! What’s Poppin’ tonight in your hood  this evening?

I wanted to take the time this moment to let out just a bit of my frustrations with Fox “News”. 


Now, I know everyone over at News Corporation probably suffered a slight brain aneurysm when OBAMA was declared the next President of the US! If you could stomach watching that God forsaken channel the weeks before the election, they were trying HARD CORE to find everything and anything to discredit OBAMA but for FOX news.com’s “fashion expert” Noelle Watters to rip into Michelle Obama’s outfit for Election Night, was taking it too far. I became even more ENRAGED when I responded to her ridiculous posting and she blocked my post TWICE!

I am truly flattered that Noelle was that threatened by my word! Noelle was afraid to get schooled on your blog from the likes of moi? That os why  I’m totally putting you on BLAST!

So here is the skinny………

Noelle Watters who is a “fashion” writer? (for purposes of the blog that is what I will refer to her occupation as) for Fox.Com FNC IMAG. Instead of  giving the praise that was dully deserved for Mrs. Obama’s elegance Noelle wrote this distasteful critique of the Michelle Obama’s choice of dress for Election Night. 

Fabulous First Family

“just as I started to dose, it happened! Onto the stage amid a roar from the crowd came our next president, his two adorable daughters and who’s that, could it be, the normally impeccably dressed Michelle Obama wearing THAT!

Oh god, I was horrified. This is themost important night of your life thus far, Michelle, and you’re wearing THAT?……

She stepped onto the stage in that horrid Narciso Rodriguez Fall ‘09 red shift. I was shocked. This is the guy best known for designing the glorious, elegant and simple wedding dress worn by Carolyn Bessette! And as Barack spoke on this monumental evening, inspiring millions with his words, “Yes we can, ” all I kept thinking was, “No she didn’t!”

Before I even go there, let me show you a close up the dress she is so upset about. “


 Those of who might not know your fashion (Noelle included) might not be aware that this award winning Designer Narciso Rodriguez is a VERY talented designer. He was the head designer for Calvin Klein for many seasons, and brought acclaim and recognition to the line. On his own he is WOWING the fashion world. This was an excellent choice  for Michelle to wear on ONE of the most important nights for her and her family. I made it clear in my two comments that were prevented from being posted that Ms. Watters was wrong in her critique of Michelle’s dress. All I wrote was that since I had attended Parsons School of Design and had designed for Ralph Lauren I am a pretty good judge of high fashion style and in my opinion Michelle hit the nail on the head!

Allright I did add in some more jarring lines like “neither you or the old,racist, homophobic Mid-Western fashion misfits are equipped with the knowledge and know how to deconstruct such a fantastic piece.”  I can’t imagine WHY on earth they wouldn’t post that comment? LOL. I do get it but it is ridiculous because although my  comment was in favor of Obama it was tame in comparison to some of the horrific and crude things some of these HATEful people were commenting.  Noelle Watters has an audience filled with HATE over Obama’s win that they even wrote comments attacking those adorable little girls? I mean that’s just taking it too far!  Noelle Waters  blocked my comments but when allows comments to stand that degrade the first  lady and her children? 


Hmmmm… Who is Fair and Balanced Now?

I’ll tell you who it’s not….


Keep on writing your junk for your corn-bred fed community. It’s a great fit!

Keep rocking the threads Michelle! I am so looking forward to see how radiant and beautiful you look on Inauguration Night!



Stay Tuned for More Dish, Raves, Rants, and Randomness…..


Night Night