American Idol KILLS! Former Idol Contestant Committs Suicide IN FRONT OF PAULA’S HOUSE!!

Posted on November 13, 2008


Syan khontn

(Good Evening in Russian)

Good Evening Y’all! You know I usually like to keep it light and poppin like some Orville Reddenbacher up in here, but I had to bring you this SAD STATE of affairs.

I just found out that a former Idol Contestant killed herself in front of Paula Abdul’s house in California. A woman now identified by authorities as Paula Goodspeed was found dead from an apparent suicide outside of Paula Abdul’s home in Sherman Oaks, CA. Paula was at a taping for American Idol when the body was found around 6 pm yesterday, but has released a statement saying she is “shocked and saddened” by the incident. “I am deeply saddened.

 400_pabdul_081112_eagostini_74369270000x0400x4001???? This is another strange Idol situation Paula??? What’s going on??

The authorities should really look into this one. Could it be that this former contestant was ripped to shreds by Randy, Simon, and Paula combined with her frail state of mind was led to choose PAULA ABDUL’S house as the last place she wanted to see before she ended her life?

Ummm that’s deep? It can’t just be because her name was Paula too??

Him I smell something fish, and it is not the Crunch Spicy Tuna roll I just orded. 

Let’s take a look at American Idol MOCKS the hell out of this derranged girl.

I mean… DAMN Simon did you have to go there with the “metal in her mouth and the metal detectors?”

That was a LOW BLOW…

Although the national humiliation in front of MILLIONS of people, What could have driven her to KILL HERSELF?

I really WANT to point the finger at ABDUL! My instincts just want to find her guilty! I’m still upset that BRAVO cancelled her reality show “Hey Paula” it was the MOST HILARIOUS look at a celebrity STUPIDITY I have ever seen. Wooo… I haven’t laughed like that in a HOT minute. AND I am still pissed that she got away with shagged that freak from nature Corey Clark on American Idol.

corey-clark-mug-shotGREAT MUG SHOT COREY!!

For those who have no idea who this kid is. Clark made allegations that his relationship with Abdul went further than constestant and judge.  Clark stated in his E-book, They Told Me to Tell the Truth, So…: The Sex, Lies and Paulatics of One of America’s Idols,  and in a May 2005 interview with ABC’s Primetime Live that Idol judge Paula took him under her wing, beginning on December 12, 2002, and coached him on how to succeed in the competition, including helping him select the right songs, clothes, and hairstyle, in order to avoid the show’s “exploitation” of young hopefuls’ careers like himself, and that this mentorship developed into a three-month-long sexual relationship.

Where does one begin. Even before I talk about how off her rocker Paula has to be for even touching Corey Clark’s prepubescent body when she should be pulling dudes a bit more on her level (whatever that means), I have to poke some fun at the title of Clark’s book.

They Told Me to Tell the Truth, So…: The Sex, Lies and Paulatics of One of America’s Idols?????

Paulatics?? LMBAO

Wait… Wait… My sushi is about to come out my nose from laughing so hard.. and that really would hurt…

ooohhhh…. LOL

LOL…. Okay.. Okay.. deep breath… In……… OUT…. IN…. OUT..

All right, I’m composed… I’m back..

What is that all about? 

Corey Clark dissappeared into the annals of forgotten Idol train wrecks, and Paula was unscathed by the negative press..

Hmmmmm… sounds 


But WE DID all watch that very sad You Tube clip of the deceased woman. She was clearly insane. The drawings of Paula? I mean come on? 

But HOW the HELL did Idol get that footage? I mean they went to her house? They totally fan the flames on these people, use them for ratings, and then toss them to the wind after words. Who knows what else the said to her. We were only seeing the edited version. 

Personally, I hope this is the catalyst that set the waves in motion to get rid of this moronic show. Hasn’t there been like 10,000 seasons. I used to LIVE for the auditions segments because I thought they were funny. For the past couple of years it has just been plain SAD.

STOP IT! IT’S ENOUGH! Leave it to FOX to try and stretch this out until it starts killing people.

IT’S ENOUGH we are done.

I want to know what you think though. Are you as SICK of American Idol? Are you tired of watching Ryan Seacrest and Simon try and deny they are raging homosexuals an flirt with each other every chance they get?


Are you tired of seeing that ROTUNDA of a man Randy Jackson saying “Dawg” every 5 seconds?


and finally who would rather LAUGH HYSTERICALLY at the life and times of the Pop Dance Diva HAS BEEN



Let’s not let this young woman’s death be in VAIN!


I’m itching to know your thoughts on this one!

Please hit me up with your comments!


Sorry for the gloom (but I did try to spice it up, you gotta give me that)

Chew on some Candy Kids!

Thanks for stopping by tonight!


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