What is the deal with “Mystery” and “The Pick Up Artist”????

Posted on November 13, 2008



Laila tov

(Good Evening in Hebrew)

What’s crackalackin’ my this Wednesday Night! It’s “hump” night (lol) so what better way to spend it with me chewing on some Nightly Candy. Tonight I’ve got some sourballs for you all. 

Okay straight to the point: I have been ITCHING like some Poison Oak on a summer day to share my views on this particular train wreck of a show on VH1. Where does one begin????? I mean there is just so much.. too much… Well I guess we can start with the man, the myth, the and the eye sore MYSTERY.





(he’s got a tattoo of “KISS” like lips on his NECK)

How on God’s green earth is it possible that THIS MAN is making thousands of dollars in book sales, seminars and TWO SEASONS of “The Pick Up Artist”???? Mystery is not such a mystery at all. He’s a former magician that did not pul this act not out of that pathetic hat he wears, (yikes) but straight up out of his ass. “Mystery’s” was created by Erik von Markovik   (his real name) in the late nineties for his mentalist act, entitled “Natural Magic”. He is the author of The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women Into Bed. 
The MYSTERY here is  HOW DID we as a society allow this to happen? How on earth is there a Season 1&2?

Oh you might think, I’m over exerggerating, but this is serious people. It’s more than just the fact that Mystery, Erik von whatever, is one pretty scary looking dude, it’s the fact that in his little mind he believes there is a scientific theory for a physically unattractive, akward man to “catch” a beautiful woman. As if it isn’t hard enough on women in this society already. Can we catch a damn break or what? Now there are millions of men that believe that all they have to do is learn a some simple game plans and they can “catch” any woman they desire. Like we are cattle or better yet a pair of socks or shoes.

Take a look at this scary video I found of “Mystery” teaching a room full of scary, rejected, men whose last hope is  Erik von Markovik.

It’s only a two minute clip, but I warn you to proceed with caution, it’s painful how he serious her comes across as he spews his BS!

What can I really say after that? What???? I just feel like being held, and rocked and have my head gently carassed and reassured by a soothing voice that “everything is going to be allright”. Vh1, We’ve had ENOUGH. I know… I know the ratings have been dwindleing but this really sucks and I BEG YOU…. 
BEG YOU to please get rid of the producers, and “writers” for this horrid show!

Those of you who want to sign my petition to the network, feel free to participate in the poll and leave me a comment and we will storm the halls of Vh1 and DEMAND JUSTICE!!

Power to the People!


Night Night