MANiston Can’t MAN UP On Oprah? Will This Nightmare End?

Posted on November 15, 2008



Oraare kurungi

( Good Evening in Lunyoro Language from Uganda) 


Let’s skip the Nightly Pleasantries for right now kids. I think if I see ANOTHER interview or cover story on MANiston I will vomit (projectile style) on someone. Whaat? I mean I know she has a movie coming out.. But IT’S ENOUGH!!

_42803071_anistongetty203ugh… i just couldn’t hurt you all by blowing this one up!!

and OPRAH, I am SOOOO GLAD you helped Barack get elected by reaching those house wives in the Midwest! LOVE you girl for that, but everything else is starting to get on my last nerve. I hate to diss a sistah, but you’ve given me no choice… What the hell has MANiston done to deserve to be on your show? Hmmmm I think there might be something fishy going on…..


Hey… I am not the first, nor will be the last to question which way Oprah be swinging? We all know that Stedfast or Stedmuffin whatever his name is, is a BEARD if I have ever seen one. But… I’m not going calling Oprah a closeted gay now, you didn’t read that here. Maybe she was digging the MAN is Maniston because that is the only thing I can conclude as to why in God’s green earth she even gives her the time of day? 

How the hell is MANiston going to come on National TV try and act like VOGUE took her words out of context. That’s NEVER cool to throw the interviewer under the bus.  Please, I am NO FAN of VOGUE… they are horrible people and Conde Nast is the devil (I can say that with TRUTH because I worked for them, Thank you JESUS I made it out ALIVE) but seriously if they take things out of context TRUST celebrity agents and lawyers are down there throats SO FAST, Anna Wintour’s bob would be out of place. AND THAT just doesn’t happen EVER

28_lipjob_lgICE QUEEN!! YIKES. don’t stare too long kids

SO… I just don’t get it. Why come on Oprah then… You be the judge.. Check out 3 minutes of this pathetic interview.

Ummm…. WOW

You would think she could muster up any twinge of acting at all to pull that one off? I mean she’s pretending as if  her and Oprah weren’t lying in bed together the night before going over the checklist for the interview the next day?

I’M KIDDING…. DON’T EVEN think about sending me any whiny you’re so MEAN to Oprah emails! My excuse is I AM A COMEDIENNE… it’s my job to poke fun! IT’S A JOKE ….


But seriously she was BRIEFED hard core before stepping on that stage so why is she FRONTIN’ like she has no idea what Oprah is going to ask her…




Please although it is FUN to MAKE FUN of you… 

GIVE IT A REST for at least a day, there are other idiots I am WAITING to crack on…

Oh an just another treat for you MANiston fans. A clip off her ridiculous “performance” on 30 Rock last night.

I have no words.. except for I liked that gold dress she wore in one scene. That’s it!

WOW!! Tina Fey… I expected more from you! How did this leave the cutting room floor???

HOW??? WHY???


Keep Coming Back For More Candy!

Night Night for NOW