The Housewives of ATL is a HOUSE of HOT MESS!!- BTW We Know who “BIG PAPPA” is? ICK

Posted on November 15, 2008



Wan an

(Good Evening in Mandrin)


 I know my party people are still dancing the early morn away, but for those of you who kept in indoors tonight, you can still get down with the get down!

Before I depart to bed, I just had to step away from Maniston for a second (don’t worry, we will revisit her soon because I am CERTAIN she will say something ever so stupid between now and tomorrow that I will have to talk about) In the meantime, I’ve been needing to vent about BRAVO’s latest reality drama “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”!

425realhousewivesatl062608000x0425x315Bravo’s attempt to diversify this ridiculous series, might have had good intentions but the cast members TOTALLY have screwed it up, (all except for NeNe). But just like any train wreck, you just can’t help but watch even though you know you are watching casualities in the making. That is why I am sure the ratings are so HIGH this season. Even Anderson Cooper from CNN is raving about this show. Watch how he really lets his gay out on his show 360, as he talk about NeNe the shows only “real” character.

Well Anderson, I don’t blame you because like I said… EVERYONE loves a good train wreck and this show doesn’t leave you disappointed in that regard at all.

Here is a breakdown of the sad cast.


  • NeNe Leakes — A Duluth resident and founder of The Twisted Hearts Foundation, which addresses domestic violence against women. She lives in the Stonebrier at Sugarloaf gated community on Sugarloaf Parkway. She has two sons, one of whom is attending Clark Atlanta University, and a real estate entrepreneur husband named Gregg. She once was good friends with Kim Zolciak.
  • DeShawn Snow — Originally from Detroit , she is a current resident of the Atlanta suburb of Alpharetta in the Manor Golf and Country Club. She has three children and is the wife of Cleveland Cavaliers professional NBA basketball player Eric Snow. Her main focus is the DeShawn Snow Foundation, an organization dedicated to the welfare of the self-esteem of teenage girls.
  • Sheree Whitfield — She was born in Ohio and now resides in Sandy Springs, the ex-wife of NFL professional football player Bob Whitfieldwith whom she has three children. She has a clothing line called “She by Sheree” and has a feud with castmate NeNe Leakes.
  • Lisa Wu-Hartwell — Also a Duluth, Ga. resident, she is the wife of NFL professional football player Edgerton Hartwell and ex-wife of R&B singer-Keith Sweat, with whom she has two children that live with Keith. She has also gone by the names: Sharon Millette Wu, Sharon Lisa Sweat, and Lisa Wu-Sweat when she filed chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2007. She lives in the exclusive gated community St. Marlo Country Club. Her father is Chinese and her mother is Africa American, and she works with the Hartwell and Associates real estate firm and has a jewelry line and baby clothing line.
  • Kim Zolciak — She is a Connecticut native and Duluth resident, a divorced mother of two with a sugar daddy, mysteriously referred to as “Big Papa” supporting her lavish life style. There is speculation that “Big Papa” is real estate developer


 I just want to talk about the insane white chick Kim.

BRAVO, I applaud you for finding this crazy sack of plastic from her Barbie extensions/wig thing she wears, all the way down to her tip-pity toes.


Where to begin with this loony tunes? First crime that ridiculous wig. Second the fact she actually thinks that anyone falls for the INSANE, unbelievable lie she is telling herself an the world that she is 29??? Wait…….. I can’t stop laughing……… hold on…….. oh… it hurts……. oh….. ha ha ha… okay… 

whew… Oh KIM that is ALMOST as funny as the fact that you somehow believe that your “boyfriend” BIG PAPPA” 1) loves you.. oh and BTW the cats is out of the bag! Everyone knows now that his name is Lee Najjar.

leenajjarHe is the one in the middle and all I have to say is.. GROSS

A quazillionaire Real Estate tycoon and also insane man for having this trick as his kept woman? I mean she must be giving him some kind of scary sexual favor that no other respectable woman do. Like some R Kelly stuff!! That is the only feasible explanation as to why he would go there. And to think she is a MOTHER of two little girls. What a shame.. that is.

Oh and this trick thinks that because her man “Big Papa” or “Big Baba” as she pronounces it?? knows producer Dallas Austin that she will make a record with him?? I couldn’t contain myself from laughter and sheer embarrassment for a woman I don’t even know as I watched her get ripped a new one by the famous singer instructor that Dallas Austin (a friend of Big Baba’s) sent her to. During this painful meeting, the instructor tries to get through to her thick head that she can’t sing and apparently she cant spell either… She asked her to spell CAT like she obviously knew how to do when she was two years old. Little did the instructor know that the bot ox shots Kim gets straight to her forehead have diminished ANY if ALL brains cells she was struggling to hold unto. Check out this clip of a baffled viewer of this show as he asks the public for help understanding.

*caution* it was 5am he claims and he says he was watching Desparate Housewives instead of “Housewives of Atlanta” and ALSO for the record the feline animal that goes puuuurrr is spelled

CAT! Lawd have mercy this is hilarious

 We’ll give him a break it was 5am!

YES she  cannot spell one of the easiest words wrong in the English language…

But at least she can sing right? 


If you were went temporaily deaf of the show.. take a short listen 2-3 seconds is all I could bear of Kim caught on tape as she sings at a Karoke bar. SHE HAS NO BUSINESS thinking about music, let alone picking up a microphone. She should be instantly JAILED the next time she does something like this.

OH LAWD.. make it STOP!!

Thank goodness the FINALE is coming on!

The only person worth watching on this show just like the Silver Fox said is NeNe. She keeps it REAL and she will be the only one from this sad cast to go anywhere!

nene-leakes-housewives_l1TEAM NENE!!! GO TEAM GO!!


Even if you have never watched an episode in your life, you should catch the Season Finale on BRAVO November 25th! 

The Silver Fox will be watching and so will I..


If not, check back on Nightly Candy for the LO-LIGHTS!!

Speaking of LIGHTS…. what rhymes is nights

and its about that time people….

Tune in for some more sweet treats tomorrow night!

Night Night