Posted on November 16, 2008



Syan khontn

(Good Evening in Russian)

Evening my Nightly Candy Owl’s! It’s getting to be that time, where just before I go to bed I want to crank out some of the funnier and lighter celebrity juice. I must admit this is a new venture for me, but I am finding my sch-tick in mocking celebrities to be most entertaining. Apparently you are entertained by it as well. I am enjoying your comments immensely. I do my best to respond to the best ones, so don’t hesitate to speak your mind. But remember it is my blog, so don’t expect to get your blog comments published if you are not in total agreement with every word I write!

I’m totally kidding.

Please if I can dish it, I can take it. BUT remember I am not a celebrity, YET! lol So don’t hold me accountable to those standards until I am on that status. 

Moving along to this evenings Grab you Depends Moment:



This award goes to the celebrity of the week who had made me bust my gut so hard I should have been wearing a diaper to save my fashionable garments from being soiled!

This award goes to Lindsay Lohan, who the tabloids have so wittingly nicknamed HoHan. That alone could have me in stitches for days! But for those who do not know.

Hohan was with her toy of the moment, Samantha Ronson in Paris to attend an upscale nightclub adorned in a FUR stole. Well Les  Frencies were not happy with HoHan on their turf wearing a freshly skinned Rabbit or extinct woodland creature because out of nowhere a bag of flour descended from the sky, all over HoHan!

If they didn’t have the pics I would not EVEN believe it myself!


Apparently the owner of the nightclub and Samantha rushed to frightened HoHan’s aide and vacuumed the flour off of her, so that she would not miss the opportunity to take pics on the red carpet they had laid out especially for her. Moments later she steps out for the Papzis to clickitety click away like NOTHING HAPPENED!

spl61765_001spl61765_015WOW!! Now I see what Hohan sees in SamRo, she’s looks like a Jonas Brother or something!

Too Bad for HoHan because we all know that her first instinct was not “Oh I’m being attacked with FLOUR” 

it was “Oh my goodness how did they know I needed some smack tonight SamRo had to ditch hers before we got on the plane!!!”

That’s what I find to be SOOO hilarious about this one! 

Leave it to the French!

Viva La France!


Chew on that one…


More Laughs to Come Tonight, TRUST ME!


A Bientot

and a Bon Nuit for all the others…