Beyonce Proves YET AGAIN She is VOID of TALENT! SNL Was a BUST!

Posted on November 17, 2008




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What’s Poppin People!

 I trust you are enjoying this day of rest! Now I promised some time ago that I would never again write about my disdain for Beyonce, UNLESS she gave me a reason too. AND BOY did she ever last night on SNL! Now let me preface my opinion on MY BLOG, for the ghetto fabulous gays who wrote me last time pegging me as a “hater” let me be clear. This posting is NOT FOR the overwhelmingly black DIVO population that look to Beyonce as their inspiration for wardrobe selection for their nights out on the town! You don’t know HOW many illegible Ebonics ridden comments I got from black dudes writing the most pathetic waaaahhh’s about their “boo” Beyonce. I am NOT trying to hear it or read it so you are wasting your energy sending me comments like “You’se a haater Beeeyounsay is da bomb”


I’m the HNIC of in here, and I’ll write what I want! 

Now that we are clear on that….I MAKE NO BONES about MY OPINION that Beyonce is WAK! In my OPINION she proved that without a shadow of a doubt last night with her dismal appearance of SNL. I knew once I saw the promos earlier this week that I was in for a treat! Indeed I was…

Poor Paul Rudd! Who is HILARIOUS and a natural talent. I could just tell that he was SO PISSED that he had to stand next to her 4ft high beehive wig thing and work with this airhead. She couldn’t muster up ANY inner emotion to come across for the promos? Then I knew that I best prepare and wear some Depends to catch any bodily fluid that might may have leaked out due to uncontrollable laughter.

Lorne Michales from SNL was probably freaking out at the last minute as he reviewed the skits and bowed his head in shame at what a loser of an actress she is, that he BEGGED Justin Timberlake to come on the show and SAVE the ratings! Thank GOODNESS he did, because you would have been able to hear the pins dropping, the zippers of the jackets, and the sounds of feet leaving the live studio audience if Beyonce was to perform that skit without another celebrity talent to LIFT her up. 
 Now TIMBERLAKE is an example of a singer who can cross over into a comedic situation. He is no Will Ferrell but AT LEAST he is doesn’t have android tendencies, like Ms. Knowles, and he can go with the flow of improv comedic situations. Before I show you last night’s performance let’s take a quick look at Timeberlake or (Timberflake as I like to call him) past SNL skit that GOT huge ratings. It still is a gut buster for me.

Now that is how you do it Beyonce! Thank goodness that Lorne could pay Justin EXTRA bucks to come on the stage and help out! CHECK IT!

Timberlake comes to SAVE the SNL\’s RATINGS from TALENTLESS BEYONCE

THANK the LAWD Timberlake and Rudd were able to work the sketch, because Beyonce was just so pathetic standing there. I know…. I know BK you must have let the nerves get to you, because you didn’t have the special effects to elongate your body…BUT still…. you’ve performed live before.. what exactly was your problem last night?????

YES I can rip on Beyonce for not bringing it last night, because she is also trying so hard to put herself on the map as an “actress” as well. If you are going to do that and try and use SNL as marketing for that movie where she defames the great name of Etta James, in the movie Cadillac Records, then I most certainly can judge her performance on SNL.

It sucked many, many balls.

You would think, well okay, “maybe comedy is not her thing”. At least the performance should be entertaining….. Even I was expecting to be entertained… at least a laugh..

But there is NOTHING funny about Beyonce live! 

First of all she hardly sang, because she was prancing around in (that cute bustier leotard mind you )with the same hideous song “Single Ladies”. Okay, if Justin Timberlake, Andy Samberg, and that other chubby dude on SNL can get in a Leotard and in a few hours learn that dance, it’s not MUCH of dance at all.

And then she has this move at the end where she flashes her “wedding hand” all around… It was just embarrassing. I will give it to her that she a very pretty lady! Great legs, great Jessica Rabbit thing going on! THUMBS UP on the looks! 


Judge for yourselves

Beyonce Tries HARD to BANG IT OUT… but FAILS

What REALLY got me laughing was that “rock n roll” style come back she tried to do at the end. Why on earth would we want to see her roll her head around and shake her mane like a horse that’s been startled by a gunshot on the Oregon trail? Was that her impression of getting “rock” with it?

HILARIOUS… Beyonce.. THANKS for the that shock and awe though. After your dismal performance last night, I needed it. Once again you prove to the blond dye has seeped into your brain.


Keep it LOCKED for my version of the TRUTH even though it may hurt!


Night Night