Housewives of Atlanta Sheree: She’s as COLD as BLACK ICE!

Posted on November 17, 2008



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What a Weekend it has been! Japan is officially in a recession, there are wildfires spreading in California, and people are rallying for the right for same sex marriage.. Aye Dios Mios! I do believe in the saying though, “that this too shall pass”, and in the meantime to take our minds off of the perils of the world, we can bask in in some Nightly Candy.

I do have to regret though, that due to an overwhelming amount of comments, I am just unable to respond to each one any more. Since I have been blogging about celebrity juice especially, my goodness the comments keep ROLLING in. I thank you all for taking the time to show some love, or HATE (A Sarah Palin wink for you all) but there are just not enough hours in the day! Plus it’s beginning to freak me out a little bit on HOW invested some of these people are in the lives of celebrities. Some people are taking my frivolous blog to heart! This is a light and happy space! I won’t engage hate or give it a platform! There are millions of other blogs for that. If that is your game, try that’s better suited for you…


Sheree Whitfield is the focus of this post. AKA BLACK ICE QUEEN

sheree-professional-shotsmbutton up Mama.. PLEASE!!


If you have been tuning into the Housewives of Atlanta,  there is NO WAY you have missed the self-righteous, conceited Sheree. On the show she is depicted as a juvenile, two faced woman who only cares about gratifying herself and only herself. On the episodes I have watched she has barely showed her children, and has only referenced them a few times, where as the other cast members make their children a central focal point of their lives.

THERE IS A REASON FOR THAT! Sheree is hiding something, and that something is that she does have two children with her ex husband, NFL star Bob Whitfield, but in an interview with Essence Magazine, she revealed that she has another child………

100109447_10282008-rhatlwhitfield02self-righteous, self-centered SHEREE

Tierra is Sheree’s 23-year-old daughter whom she gave birth to at age 15.

Sheree’s 3 beautiful children are shown posing in the photos accompanying the article. However the captions under the photos describe Tierra as Sheree’s “friend.”

shereetierrapd3OOOOo that’s COLD as ICE!

What is there to really say Sheree. WOW How you gonna do your daughter like that? Is it her fault that you got knocked up at 15 years old? Oh.. I get it.. It’s because you have created the false sense of identity in HotLANTA where you prance around in your Prada, pretending to be a designer, and you think your daughter will shame you??

SO WHAT? You had a daughter young! Your blood is your blood. You decided to have her, so to cast her in the shadows is really cruel.

It’s SAD on this show you have NO PROBLEM pointing the finger at NeNe every chance you get, calling her ” “not classy”. How “not classy” is it for you to not publicly claim your daughter because you are afraid of what people might think? Nene is a stand up woman, who openly admits her past, but has made herself to be an amazing woman with philanthropic foundation to assist women who have been abused and battered, The Twisted Hearts Foundation

ivy celebs 5 220708TEAM NENE!!! GOteamGO!!!

What is Sheree doing, besides creating fashion lines that totally SUCK and drying up her ex-husband’s money with fake boobs and facials.

I also think ESSENCE is at fault for agreeing to feature her in an article and letting that slide. For a black women’s magazine I would think they would not tolerate the dis empowerment of another black woman.


Ultimately the fault does lie on Sheree. Ooooh I have no desire to EVER go to Atlanta if it is filled with superficial black Ice Queens like her..




Brrrrr.. the temp totally dropped in here. I need to curl up! Hug someone you love tonight and THANK the one above that although we not be gazillionaires, we have someone to love and hug. That feeling is PRICELESS


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