Rumor Has It… Kim Gets SLAPPED by Lisa Wu on the Reunion Show…

Posted on November 18, 2008



Jó éjszakát

(Good Evening in Hungarian)


Evening My Fellow People! Happy Monday Night!! 

The only tid bit of celebrity juice that anyone seems to give a rats azz about this evening is the FINALE of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, that will air on BRAVO tomorrow night @ 9PM! There is a buzz already circulating about the reunion show that will air on BRAVO a couple of weeks after tomorrow night’s finale!

The rumor is there is a SHOWDOWN BETWEEN

screen-capture-22TEAM TRICK and TEAM WU

The skinny is, that during the reunion show, that skank of a woman Kim had the NERVE to start talking smack on the set  about Lisa Wu, when she was within earshot of her. The NERVE! The sources did not detail what exactly Kim came out of her mouth and say, but it was deep enough for Lisa to get out of her chair and SLAP the HELL out of KIM!! Right in front of EVERYONE as the cameras were ROLLING!!

She probably slapped that wigglet off her head in the process or something just so gosh darn awful like that, because BRAVO has been also rumored to be in the process of editing out that very important piece of the show!



I hope that is just not the truth. This has been the highest rated Housewives show, and maybe the highest rated show on BRAVO to date. There has been so much drama surrounding these housewives to think they would deny us to watch Kim, the most deserving of public humiliation get a SLAPPED!! That’s like a slap to the viewer’s! We have had to watch this stupid, atrocious looking woman for weeks, and all we would like is to see her GET IT GOOD! Are you are thinking about denying us of that??


A slap, even a public one at that, is such a small price to pay for the HAVOC that Kim has created on that show and in the lives of so many in her “29” ( yeah right, whatever) years!!!

The producers at BRAVO should really sit and mull that one over before deciding to pull the plug on that piece of Emmy winning footage!


Kim deserves really deserves it…

A PIMP SMACK at that

with a FAT CARAT on Lisa Wu’s ring finger to leave a mark!


Let’s cross our fingers and hope for the best!


Thanks for tuning in! Make sure to watch or set your DVR for the FINALE of the SEASON!

Anderson Cooper and I will be watching!!



So Should You!!


Night Night



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