NeNe Keeps it REAL and Tells Kim to “Close Her Legs to Married Men”

Posted on November 19, 2008



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You know what I am talking about…. What I have been blogging about this whole WEEK, and at last the FINALE of The Real Housewives of Atlanta has come… actually at this present moment it is STILL airing for I believe the third time. I have been an avid critic of Television for a long time, I cannot remember when a cable channel has played a finale of a show, THREE TIMES in a row! BRAVO was NOT PLAYING around.. NO JOKES.. THEY KNEW that MILLIONS were watching tonight.

and WHAT A SHOW they put on for us today!

I would love to see the Neilsen Ratings on this one, it must have been OFF THE CHAIN..

First of ALL… 


nene-leakes-picture(standing up and actually clapping people)

I just LOVE this woman! Did you all SEE the way she TOLD them ALL about themselves at the dinner that Lisa put together at towards the end of the show? I mean these are grown women, with children and even when Lisa announced they should “clear the air” and go around the table to vent the issues and get them out in the open, NOT ONE of them (Nene of course is excluded) could keep it real. 
Sheree was lying out of her FACE!  “I’ve learned, I’ve grown… blah blah blah”. I think she was suffering from slight memory loss and forgot who she was in that moment. Of course Kim couldn’t step up to the plate. She can’t even spell the word CAT.

It wasn’t until the round-robin table session got to NeNe is where the truth telling began.

She told Kim that she allowed other people to manipulate what she said in the episode where NeNe was drunk of her rocker and sang a silly song about how Kim couldn’t sing. Lisa Wu-Hartwell was the sneaky drama starter went to tell Kim to start some drama between the two. Lisa being the culprit is my educated guess. I have come to my own conclusion that it had to be Lisa. Please, this is not rocket science. Sheree was not present in the limo. It certainly wasn’t Nene, and DeShawn just reminds me of a younger, white, Rose Nyland from the “Golden Girls”.




Her character was so sweet, a little stupid, and a bit naive. She never presented a bad bone in her body, so it could not have been her. That leaves Lisa Wu. 

hmmmm… ?????

82012246I just don’t know about Ms. Wu. I’m going to have to wait until the reunion to give my assessment but as it stands right now…. she was presented on the show as having TWO-FACES. I don’t understand why she was so concerned about mending the peace between Nene and Sheree, but yet she was the one who called Kim to antagonize the drama between them by telling Kim about Nene’s drunken song (although that woman was LAUGHING hysterically at the song). Then she organizes a dinner to “get everyone together”.. Somehow I don’t believe her true intention was to keep the peace. She’s probably one of those people who feeds off of the demise of others…

In the infamous words of MANiston Aniston



But it does make for GREAT TV….

mwhaha ha ha ha ha…

But let’s face it… The finale was just a prelude for the REUNION! Now that is going to be


During the FINALE they gave us tiny bits and pieces as to what drama goes down between these ladies, and OH… is it eye popping, jaw-dropping DRAMA…

Nene in one quick clip, looks STRAIGHT into Kim’s scary face and tells her “Close your LEGS to MARRIED MEN!” The audience goes “oooooooh” with a dull roar and then Kim tries to have a rebuff by saying “You should talk”.. But at that point.. it was OVER…

USA/OOOOOOH this REUNION is just going too much! I can’t wait for my front seat. 

Don’t worry kids, there will be more rumors, more dirt, more drama to unfold between now and then. BRAVO clearly knows what they are doing, and they don’t want these millions of viewers who tuned in tonight (and early this morning BRAVO replayed the finale at 1am, so you can still catch it!) I will be here to uncover the dish and bring it to your direct, my Nightly Candy style. I won’t disappoint. I promise!

Thanks for stopping by to chew on some of this candy! I can’t wait to hear Anderson Cooper’s reviews on tonight’s finale. You know I’ll be bringing you the highlights!

Have a good one!

Night Night

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