Kim Stoops to an All Time Low: Blames Her Bad Attitude on Cancer

Posted on November 20, 2008




(Good Evening in Japanese)

Evening Ladies and Gents… It’s Wednesday more than half way through the work week! I know you all are itching to know the latest updates on these crazy housewives!

The latest head pulsing skinny is that Kim has released a statement claiming that her poor behavior on the show can be blamed on Cancer.

Kim's as Barbie WiggletKim’s hair that fell out after the last episode shoot. 

There are no confirmations of this cancer claim, however in one of the clips from the promo for the Reunion Show, Kim is whimpering away something like “I was such a wreck, my hair was falling out”.. Then the clip right after showed Lisa response to that statement.  Lisa screamed back at her “If you are trying to say you have cancer, you are a liar!!!!” and proceeded to jump up in Kim’s face, as NeNe held Lisa her back.


Cancer is not a joke at all, so if Kim has just made this up for publicity she is WRONG FOR THAT! 

If she truly does have a diagnosis for cancer, then I really truly have sympathy for this mother of two. 

A pack of Newport’s everyday is not going to help the situation either though Kim, so you might want to chill on that.


Kim is the mother of two small children, and so I would have to be a low level human not to have some kind of feeling for her. 


Especially since on last night’s show it was revealed in writing just before the finals credits that after 7 months Kim was the one to break things off with “Big Poppa” .

It’s looking like Kimmy might be going through some hard times..

No more adulteress money from “Big Papa”, no record with Dallas Austin, No real friends, No hair, and now cancer??

Keep you head up Kim. If want it badly enough things can turn around. Even for the skankiest of skanks.


I am sure there will be more to report as the days click towards the reunion show next Tuesday.


Stay Tuned….


If you are going to bed soon, have a 

night night