“A Fashion Show with No FASHIONS, How Dreadful!”

Posted on November 21, 2008




(Good Evening in Kirundi )



(Good Evening in Kirundi )


Hiya Kids! 

Since BRAVO has been replaying episodes of the FINALE over and over, I had a chance to re-watch it. I just realized that I have been paying so much attention to the craziness of Kim, that I have neglected to focus on the freezing black ice Queen.


I just love it when this Ice B**** gets a real slice of life from Project Runway Designer Michale Knight. As we all know Project Runway hosts a wealth of talented designers. Knight was gracious (and also handsomely paid) to sit down with the Ms. Ice for an honest heart to heart.

Project Runway\’s Michael Knight Tells the Ice Queen how it really is

OUCH!! The truth really does hurt does it Sheree?  Although I do believe that her state of denial will allow her to continue living in her own She by Sheree world.

By her own actions she made herself look like a big old fool. 

In the words of NeNe’s impeccably dressed, Michale Jackson nose job having friend,  “How are you going to have a fashion show with no fashions?”

AND then she still invited her soon to be EX- Husband  to this event! If anything I would saved myself from the sheer embarrassment of it all, and done everything in power to make sure he did not come to see this failure of a  flop go down!

I am sure now that she has watched herself on the show by now. Hopefully now she now has got a bit of a clue.

Not going to hold my breath on that one.


Stay Tuned for More..


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