NeNe’s Thinking About Some Jungle Fever…….

Posted on November 21, 2008



(Good Evening in Inuktitut Baffin Island Canada)   

I’m so excited you all decided to stop in for some sweet cyber treats. In Housewife territory there is A LOT of ground to cover. 

If you have been tuning its clear that the one and only real winner on this show is Nene! I am all about a woman who speaks her truth loud and clear.

There have been some rumors circulating around that Nene’s popularity has risen so much that several major players in TV have reached out to her for future projects.

That’s right kids, we may definitely be seeing more of Ms. Nene!


One of the rumors circulating is that Nene might join forces with the “Silver Fox of TV” Anderson Cooper.

425coopernene110508 Don’t they make a cute couple??

Nene might be just what Anderson needs to have him play on our team?

In a phone interview that Nene gave with Marc Malkin from the E channel,  Leakes quickly forgave Cooper for mispronouncing her name on the Ellen Show. (it’s NeeNee, not NayNay, Anderson),   “I would just talk to him and keep it real,” she said, adding, “Let’s just get down and dirty and talk about whatever.”

Hmmm, that sounds like pleasure more than business than me? It wasn’t over with that, NeNe went on to laugh and say

 “I’d wear a nice little top, since he’s talking about my chest. I don’t know if he’s had any brown sugar.”

Nene is referring to the fact that when interviewed by  Ellen DeGeneres , Anderson Cooper made mention of Nene’s full and generous bosoms!

On Election Day, Anderson spilled the beans about his true hearts passion; The Real Housewives of ATL


When DeGeneres admitted she hadn’t gotten into the show, Cooper jokingly scolded her. “Honey,” the CNN newsman said, “I don’t even know where to begin with NeNe.”

Alluding to Leakes ample top half, Cooper held his hands out from his chest and said, “You have to sort of watch to enjoy the fullness of NeNe.”

mmmmm I am very interested to watch very closely to see where exactly this emerging friendship will go.

Nene’s husband Gregg should be mindful of what is going on here, looks like the spark of some Jungle Fever!

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