Rhianna, UNLIKE Beyonce a TRULY Gifted Artist Who Gives BACK to the Community

Posted on November 21, 2008



Anyong-hi jumushipshiyo

(Good Evening in Korean)

I’m taking (just a little) break from the drama of the Housewives of Atlanta to bring you a report about the FABULOUS and WONDERFULLY talented Rhianna.

If you are an avid Nightly Candy reader you know my open disdain for Beyonce  aka “Sasha Fierce” . If you are new to Nightly Candy, let me just get it out in the open right now… I think Beyonce is VOID of personality and talent. I am so sick of hearing her mediocre voice plastered everywhere. I am a fan of young, talented women who have poise, grace, dignity and most important of all can articulate themselves in public. 

A singer who stands up to all of those standards is Bajan born singer Rhianna.


I mean without even listening to her music, can’t you just tell by the way she presents herself in public

Look at this stunning woman!

93773_gucci_reception_to_benefit_unicef_6137_122_45loNot only does Rhianna have musical chops, great sense of personal style, and can carry a tune in public, she also understand the importance of giving back. 

Rhianna has teamed up with the world famous design house Gucci for a worthy and formidable cause.

November 19, Gucci Launched a new campaign. The UNICEF Tattoo Heart Collection is in its fourth annual campaign to benefit UNICEF. Gucci has launched a special white version of its Tattoo Heart Collection. 25% of the sales to be donated for the cause.

gucci_unicef_tattoo_heart_collection_1“I love the idea of a heart being tattooed onto the handbags,” explains Gucci’s creative director Frida Giannini, who has designed an exclusive annual collection in support of the charity’s lifesaving initiatives in sub-Saharan Africa since 2005. It’s a permanent mark that you can wear with pride that stays with you. I think that represents very well what we are doing here. This is not a one-off programme, but rather an ongoing commitment to the incredible work that UNICEF is able to achieve. It’s really our chance to give back.”

In the world today when major corporation are begging the government for millions to help bail them out, it is nice to see a multi-million dollar company recoginzing the need to give to organizations that matter.

I applaud Rhianna’s involvement in this campaign. It shows this lady is multi-faceted and not just a pretty face, with fantastic hair , and make up, just like a certain airhead of singer that we know.

(in comes Sarah Palin wink)


Also, BTW I am FEELING her new video , called REHAB. JT is in the video as well.

It’s refreshing to see JT next to a real R&B diva instead of saving Beyonce on SNL!


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