Lisa’s Hubby Ed HAS BEEF with Keith Sweat: IT Could Come to Blows

Posted on November 23, 2008



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I believe it is not a surprise that the closer the date to the Reunion Show for the Housewives of Atlanta, the more stories are churning out of the rumor mill. The latest talk on the town is about Lisa Wu’ s new hubby Ed Hartwell and Lisa’s ex husband exR&B singer Keith Sweat.



Now I write exR&B singer, because I don’t think I have heard any notes come out of Keith Sweat’s mouth in a long time. Thank goodness for that though, I was never a fan really. His songs were those “club bangers” but in my opinion didn’t have the longevity that some of the great R&B crooners that we all know and love


NOT a R&R Superstar

I also feel like he sounds like a  half-human half billy goat! Don’t y’all? I remember that  song “Nobaaady”

I can’t even imagine having to listen to that voice over and over again! That might be enough for a split, so Lisa Wu no one is judging you. The fact is that Lisa has two children (Jordan,14, and Justin,11,) with Sweat. Ex NFL star Ed Hartwell has been public that he doesn’t think much of  Keith Sweat, and can stand him as far as he could throw him (which I am sure is a pretty far distance). BUT  he does not let his differences trickle down to his relationship with Lisa’s kids. He considers them like his own sons. In a recent interview Ed said “Me and my sons have a great relationship. I tell everyone I have three sons. They call me dad; I never say my step-kids, they are my sons. Every kid is different but they are both wonderful children. My eldest son is about to turn 14 and I have conversations with him that I can’t have with Justin. 

Ed also makes no bones that he has ISSUES with Lisa’s ex Keith Sweat. When asked if he and Keith get along his answer was “NOT AT ALL!”. The reason is because [when I started dating] Lisa there was a lot that I had to stop from happening. I had to lay down the law, man to man. Have I tried to work out some things and put our differences to the side for the sake of the kids? Absolutely. I don’t like to play games.”

Woooah! That was a watered down statement if I have ever read one! Basically folks let me paraphrase. When Lisa and Ed started dating, Keith and Ed and a HUGE BLOW OUT!! Ed had to flex his NFL muscles over Keith’s head and threaten to strangle the life out of him if he didn’t WATCH himself, there was a new sheriff it town! Keith out of jealousy tried several different tactics to make Lisa and Ed’s like a living hell, until the divorce became final. To shut him up, Lisa agreed for their children to live with him.

That’s probably the nice version of how things went down. Celebrity divorces are never squeaky clean and happy.  All I know is that a man is not going to let it go like water off his back the fact that his gorgeous ex wife is with a man YOUNGER and RICHER than he is… I highly doubt Keith was pleasant after that! 

That’s what happens when people have lots of money, fall in and out of love, and the kids are in the middle of it all. Even though Ed announced that he is not returning to the Pro NFL life, I know he had enough gusto in him to put the fear of GOD into Keith Sweat’s Billy Goats Gruff Stuff!

Since there are young children involved it is my hope that everyone settle down, and do whatever they have to do to keep the peace.

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