Rumor Has It “Big Poppa” isn’t the first, or the last Married Man for Kim!

Posted on November 25, 2008



Kapian kamo nu Dios ascha’xep

(Good Evening in Itbayaten spoken in Batanes Philippines) 



I trust you all have had a FANTASTIC weekend!!! The countdown is on for the Thanksgiving holiday! (Although EVERYDAY should be a day of THANKS people!) As we all are preparing our meals, and traveling to see families, I know that in the back of your minds you are wondering if there is anymore dish about these Housewives of Atlanta.


As we all know the REUNION show is tomorrow on BRAVO! I know the Tivo’s are ready to GO!

Everything in Tinseltown is stargazed! Make NO BONES about it people. You think the Papzi’s just happen to know when Brittney is going to pump her gas at the Shell station? Do they just by osmosis know that Paris is going to be flashing her vaj-jay at some club in NYC.? PLEASE… their agents make phone calls to tip them off! Where one cameraman is going, then the rest of them flock to the scene likes flies on you know what. Everything is planned. It is no coincidence that just with one day before the Housewives of ATL Reunion Show, that this piece of scoop has surfaced.

Now, it has not been confirmed by Kim or her “officials” (if she even has any) BUT who cares! If it’s floating around on the world wide web, it’s worth chatting about. So just for clarifications purposes, this has not been confirmed as truth: But let’s all face it…. We all KNOW it is true, PLEASE..









Yes there is the fabulous editors at BRAVO TV, who can use editing to twist and turn the plot. BUT you have to remember that in order to manipulate film, you need a willing participant to give them subject matter to play around with.  Kim gave them more than enough material. She presented herself out to be a  delusional, lying, conniving, kept woman! It was pretty much out of the bag when she made a “mistake” (ya right that was TOTALLY planned) and allowed her blackberry to get some camera time, where the name Lee came up on her text messages, with the message “miss you” right next to it.





it was a wrap after that..


Once it was out that it was Lee Najjar was Kim’s Big Poppa, her “secret” lust for married men was out of the bag. According to this online dish, it wasn’t Kim’s first time going after someone else’s husband.

In a former life, Ms Kim Zolciak used to be an LPN in a nursing home in Lawrenceville, Atlanta. She had quite a scandalous affair with a not so discrete physician that was married. The kicker: she was nine months pregnant!


I mean on one hand its not a shocker at all! I can totally see her distended 9-months pregnant stomach trying to squeeze someone else’s husband for anything she can get. On the other hand it’s SO SCANDALOUS, you just don’t want to believe that she’s capable of doing such things! Or this physician who would want anything to do with Kim period, but a Nine Month PREGNANT KIM… Woah… that is on a whole other level, that I just can’t wrap my mind around. NOR do I want too…

(okay… think pure thoughts…. think pure thoughts…




tropical flowers….

tropical-flower-4okay…. much better now… back to the dish


So in other words, Kim is just GROSS, there is no two ways about it. 

Let’s have a quick retrospective on just how Kim’s character was portrayed on the show.



Kim wanted the camera’s to focus on her best assets (besides her “God given talent of a voice). Her silicone inflated cleavage.


Oh no but wait. When Kim did her photoshoot for the album that will never be made, she tells the photographer ” I don’t want too much cleavage”


Please Kim: No one bought that “I want people to take me seriously” move. That like everything she did or said on the show,  was just for the cameras…

Doesn’t that get you pumped for tomorrow night’s REUNION show! Oooh I can’t WAIT to see NeNe get up in her face, and LISA threaten to “flip her under the couch!”

I am crossing my fingers, believing that BRAVO has saved the best for last, and we will see a SLAP!!! Or even the beginnings of what looks like a slap, and then a fade to black. That would be good enough for me!




Keep it locked for more Housewives banter….


Night Night

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