Gay Groups Say They Will BOYCOTT Queen Latifah is She Doesn’t Come Out of the Closet!

Posted on December 1, 2008





WARNING: If you missed the title of tonight’s post, It’s about black lesbians. If you are a racist homophobe, you might want to stop reading here and click on GretaWire.

  We all should know by now that Prop 8 passed in California, Florida, and Arizona. Proposition 8 BANS Gays from getting married, which is a MAJOR problem for many reasons.  What the heck is going to happen to the marriages that were recognized by the State before this stupid law passed? So the state will be riddled with thousands of married gay couples and thousands of disappointed gay couples roaming the streets pissed off? Currently San Francisco has appealed to the State Supreme Court to reverse this action. Who knows where it will all end?  In my opinion it’s a waste of precious resources to even be fighting such a thing. It should just be legal for anyone to get married if they want to.  They aren’t asking for the right to walk around naked having sex in public places. Is it really that serious to just give a marriage certificate? I guess it is in CA, FL, and AZ…

It’s also serious for gay right’s groups who are THREATENING the Queen. That’s right! According to an online article from MediaTakeOut the Queen is being targeted to FINALLY come out!

queen-latifah-vV Stands for Va-jay-jay

This is on the heels on comedienne Wanda Sykes who recently came full on out in a speech to Prop 8 protesters. This was the first public acknowledgment that Sykes had ever given about her gayness. Although it was pretty gosh darn obvious before this speech.  I remember watching her in movies and thinking to myself “She sure looks uncomfortable “pretending” or (excuse me) “acting” to be interested in her onscreen male love interest.” I know I am not the only one in the world who had that sentiment! I applaud Sykes for finally coming out on the heels of Prop 8. She told the truth, and that is the way it should be. 

Even if I was a raging homophobe (which I sure as HELL am not) I would have more respect for someone who is truthful about their situation, than someone who resorts to hiding in the closet. Like her majesty the Queen.


Everyone already knows that Queen has been dating longtime girlfriend Janice Jenkins! It’s no secret to anyone who cares. 



Although it is SO OBVIOUS Queen is till tight lipped. When asked countless numbers of times in interviews about her personal life, she has dogged the question by giving the blanket statement answer “my life is my personal business and I keep it private.” Blah blah blah blah… Queen I don’t want to hear it. The minute you are receiving MILLIONS at the Box Office, Millions for your gold albums, Millions for your Covergirl contracts, you are have signed, sealed, and delivered your right to privacy! It’s just the territory that comes with being a celebrity. Besides how is anything going to ever change for Gays/Lesbians if they don’t have the courage to take a stand and COME OUT OF THE CLOSET.

On a totally superficial note, We ALL saw Queen in Set it Off right? Yes yes it was a “character” and a “role” she played, but I’ve never in my life seen someone act so naturally and comfortably in their role on screen. The part fit her like a GLOVE. Catch some glimpses of Queen playing a big old lesbian..

January 7th is the annual People’s Choice Awards. It has been rumored that several Gay/Lesbian activist groups have put major pressure on Queen to come out on the awards show! If she doesn’t, they say they will BOYCOTT the Queen.

I wonder what she is going to do? 

My friend who is a lesbian for life was so upset when the results were counted in California for Prop 8. I tried to console her by telling her that it will happen in time, if Gays/Lesbians lead the fight. Just like every marginalized group there has been a significant and extensive fight for civil rights and justice. It took hundreds of years of slavery, oppression, murders, etc for African-Americans to get the right to vote. African-Americans came out in by the thousands and worked tirelessly and Gays will have to follow the same suite. It would really be helpful if prominent Gays were to join the bandwagon and be the spokespeople for the fight for equality. This is why these groups are pressuring Queen Latifah because of her huge celebrity status. I just don’t know if Queen is ready to risk the chance of loosing fans or maybe more important to her endorsements. Perhaps her contract for Covergirl might not be extended or renewed if she came out? I would hope not, but the reality is,  this is a major factor that keeps Gays tight lipped, in fake marriages and relationships (aka BEARDS) with the opposite sex. 





Jake's former BEARD Reese

I know the Queen must be torn over this. BUT I hope that she has the courage to follow in the footsteps of her sister Wanda Sykes and take one huge giant step towards equality! Because if NOT Queen you are going to get the old fashion civil rights, Rosa Parks,  BOYCOTT! Ooooh you wouldn’t want that! I have a feeling it would not be pretty….

Let’s watch on January 7th, to see how it all turns out…


Until Next Time Kids….

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