Nightly Candy EXCLUSIVE: Former Baby Sitter to Big Poppa Says It’s ALL a LIE!

Posted on December 2, 2008




(Good Evening in Japanese)


Hiya Kids! I just COULDN’T WAIT until to bring you this EXCLUSIVE sugary snack!!! My eyes LITERALLY POPPED OUT OF MY HEAD when I received this glorious email from a woman claiming to be the former babysitter of Big Poppa aka Lee Najjar and his wife Kim Najjar!!!!!





leenajjar1Lee Najjar is the shmo in the middle

Now of course I have no way of confirming this woman’s story, but if she is making it up, that would be reaching an all time ultimate LOW… My first response would be “Who the hell would be desperate and borderline mentally handicapped enough to make something like that up?” BUT… nothing in the world surprises me anymore. I have heard of people going to disgusting and amazing lengths to get a little bit of shine. Let’s give this woman who did not identify herself, a break. Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt here on Nightly Candy.

This is basically what she had to say. After I was able to decipher the broken english, she claims that she was the care taker for all four of the Najjar children. She claims that she cared for them when Lee and wife lived at the illustrious  St. Ives Country Club in Atlanta Georgia. (check out this place it is JAW DROPPING AMAZING)

This anonymous babysitter claims that Big Poppa loves his wife Kim, and that everything that we have heard in the press and online about Lee Najjar is a lie, including his involvement with Kim Z from Housewives. She wrote “Lee takes care of his family very well. So if you want to continue on believing the lie’s then have at it!!!!”  Well sweetie, I don’t deny that Big Poppa takes good care of his family! If he bought the likes of Kim Z everything her 29 year old heart desired, then I am sure his family was treated 1,000 times better. The guilt he must have felt probably drove him to create a lavish lifestyle for his family, as he galavanted with Kim Z. (ewweeeee)


The babysitter went onto say that it is untrue that Lee Najjar is Big Poppa, and that Lee and his wife Kim are a loving  and happy couple.

My response to that is: Uhhh too little: too late! If you wanted to come out to defend Big Poppa the time to do that was WEEKS ago woman. Where the heck have you been hiding? You should have taken this to be your 15 seconds of fame and called up the E channel or People Magazine to talk to them about an exclusive. To come out with this info now after Kim Z on the Housewives Reunion show said “Big Poppa is getting a divorce.” She also insinuated that Poppa was  going to leave his wife for her. When Nene claimed that she didn’t believe it. Kim’s response was, “You’ll see in Season 2!!!!!”  Yes, Kim has never on air given up Lee Najjar as sugar daddy lover, BUT now that his name is out there,  you would think if it was NOT TRUE that Lee would get himself a publicist and deny the allegations. Especially if he is going through a divorce, that would be essential. To my knowledge Lee Najjar has been quite as a church mouse. 

So Babysitter, you’re going to have to do a little better than that. If you have a real story to substantiate your claim that Lee is not Big Poppa, then by all means, SAY SOMETHING. If your story has credibility then I will most definitely write a retraction, with a BIG HEADLINE that says “Nightly Candy, choked on her gumdrops, and ate her words!”

If you’ve got the goods, then by all means let me know. I am ready to listen with ears wide open!


I thought you all would enjoy that one. Chew on it!

Until Next time Kids….


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