Jennifer Hudson’s Family Can Rest In Peace: The Killer has Been Sentenced

Posted on December 3, 2008


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I hope all is well in your world! Tonight I wanted to inform you all that although the media hype of Jennifer Hudson’s tragedy has died down, it still matters here on Nightly Candy! As a big fan of Jennifer, my heart just broke over the news of the murders of her mother, brother, and little nephew.


jennifer-hudson-memorialJennifer with Mother, Sister, and darling Nephew

Such a horrific “Manson” like tragedy! I can’t believe it took this long for the Chicago police to get it together to officially charge this animal!

Cook County state’s attorney’s office say prosecutors charged the suspect with three counts of first-degree murder, The Associated Press reports.

The already incarcerated Balfour, estranged husband to Jennifer’s sister, was issued an arrest warrant Monday afternoon.

Unfortunately, We just can’t throw Balfour into a whole and leave him there to starve to death. We do have a judicial system, and even the most heinous of murders deserve their day in court. Balfour’s attorney has made statements to the media defending his client, saying he is innocent. 

“The delay between the crimes and his actual arrest show weaknesses in the case,” attorney Joshua Kutnick says. “This case is not a strong case against William. He is a convenient suspect.”

WHATEVER! I don’t know all the details obviously, but I know what my gut tells me. This FOOL did it! End of discussion. Why it took Cook County police and prosecutors soooo long to get it together is a bit trifling! Please don’t OJ Simpson this case, PLEASE!

Balfour was formally charged Tuesday with three counts of first-degree murder and one count of home invasion, says Cook County Attorney’s Office spokesman Andy Conklin. Balfour is scheduled to appear Wednesday at a bond hearing.

He was transferred Monday from an Illinois state prison – where he has been held on suspicion of a parole violation – back into Chicago police custody.

I say… HURRY IT ALONG, PLEASE! Let’s not waste anymore of the precious tax payers money, and CONVICT this Summa Bitch! Balfour shot a child in the HEAD? That’s not a human being to me, that’s an animal! If we can learn something from this, LADIES PLEASE, PLEASE, BE CAREFUL of the men you keep… Any man that can put his hands on you in my book is capable of killing you, and anyone around you. Don’t TOLERATE that mess!!! If you are reading this and your man has slapped you up, but has begged you back saying some BS like “baby… babyee I’m sorry.. It will NEVER happen again?” PLEASE don’t buy it! It’s the biggest lie ever told. He WILL do it again, and he could KILL you. Even if you feel like there is NO WAY OUT… THERE IS….

The following are a list of contact info  for organizations that help women who are in abusive relationship and are in fear…

ALSO… HEY I do recognize that my gays can also suffer from domestic violence, there is some info listed for you too. This is an Equal Opportunity blog, okay

One in FOUR Gay Men Experience Domestic Violence

If you need to talk to someone please call toll free 

1 800 832 1901


For my Ladies

*Please Note* There is a way to look at this website and not have evidence show in your computer history in case you are in fear that whomever is hurting you will see it* Follow the pop-ups on the page if this applies to you*

National Domestic Violence Hotline

Serves ALL 50 States

1 800 799 SAFE (7233)

for the Deaf

TTY Services

1-800 787 3224


Be Well… Be Whole…. and Be Safe

Don’t let anyone steal your JOY

or your Life!


I’ll be back soon with an uplifting, superficial story to get you laughing again…


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