Lifetime Television For Women: Author Terry McMillian Should SUE Their Skirts OFF!

Posted on December 5, 2008




Oíche mhaith

(Good Evening in Irish Gaelic)


I’m just chillaxin’ into the early morning hour. I know there are a lot of you owl’s that are still up and looking for some sweet treats to chew on!

I wanted to take just a little bit of time to rant about the latest television disaster I saw. 

My mother used to watch Lifetime Television for Women religiously back in the day! I remember sitting at her feet as she watched the 4-6 hour epic Danielle Steel movies starring Jaclyn Smith, or some iconic actress of the sort. In those days,  I used to think it was cool. Now a days, I skip right over that channel. In my opinion it’s totally gone down hill! The shows and movies that they play are totally laughable and makes the notion that “television for women” is for a bunch of estrogen filled bodies,  void of intelligence or a thirst for stimulating television. Those of you who know how it goes down on Nightly Candy, know I don’t hold back my opinions. I am actually looking forward to setting the Tivo Saturday night @ 9pm, to LMAO (Laugh My A** Off)  of at this movie. 

Lifetime has the NERVE to debut a movie called “Flirting with Forty” starring Heather Locklear and Robert Buckely (the hottie from Lipstick Jungle). 

There are so many things wrong here, where to begin!

First of all, Heather needs to join the distinguished club of white ladies that have poked and carved their faces into a hot mess. Locklear is 47 but looks more like 57 with the way she has messed up her face! 





In her Dynasty days, and even on Melrose Place, she was a hottie. But she’s totally come undone.

locklear-1Ahhh what once was…..

In “Flirting with Forty” we are supposed to believe that Locklear and Hottie Richard Buckley (aka Kirby from “Lipstick Jungle”) are supposed to be lovers.

Umm I don’t think soooo..



If this was the only major flaw in the movie, I could cut Lifetime a little bit of slack. BUT they take it a bit too far!

I know you all remember the hit book turned movie by author Terry McMillan, “How Stella Got Her Groove Back”. Well Terry I would call your lawyer because I think you’ve got yourself a case copyright infringement! Lifetime basically jacked her story and made it white,  and called it a day!  Here is the trailer. You take a look and tell me what you think?


Yes they changed things around a little bit, but it sure looks like to me, the same darn story.

Trailer for \”How Stella Got Her Groove Back\”


 I better see Terry McMillan’s name in the credits!

I will be recording it though, to curl up for a holiday treat of laughter!

I know that “Lipstick Jungle” got the axe, and Robert Buckley is hard up for work, but I just would have thought he would shy away from being type casted  as the hot, dumb, young dude with the crotchety old cougar. For those of you who don’t know (I am sure there are PLENTY of you, because clearly NOT ENOUGH people tuned into “Lipstick Jungle”) but hottie Robert Buckley played basically the same role in this movie that he did on the cancelled series.


Hey, don’t get me wrong, I am not against cougars! I know I enjoy my youthful eye candy, who doesn’t. However, feed us something that’s at least believable. Heather Locklear???? I’m not buying her as being cast as the  ” hot older woman”. Now Angela Basset TOTALLY worked. She looked hot then, and looks FANTASTIC NOW..

angelabassettthat was then…

angela-bassett-picture-3I know that ratings are low, and times are hard… but this was looooooong stretch Lifetime TV. Even a longer stretch than the skin that was pulled over Heather Locklear’s face!

I do appreciate the comedic element and for that I thank you!


More from Me soon!

Until Then…


Night Night