Karma is a REAL: Looks Like Sheree From Housewives is in the Poor House..

Posted on December 7, 2008



Anyong-hi jumushipshiyo

(Good Evening in Korean)

Happy Weekend Everyone!! I surely do hope that you are all enjoying the start of your weekend festivities!!! I just came back from a not so hot gathering… so instead of being pissed off and going to straight to bed, I decided to let off some steam and do a little ranting and raving. I am so glad I did, because I have an extra sweet treat for my Real Housewives of Atlanta fans.

The numbers do not lie.  My readers LOVE to hate those Atlanta housewives. I can’t even tell you HOW many comments I have had to click “unapprove” to because they were just too mean and nasty to even edit… I mean, I don’t blame you all though. Those women make it so easy to hate them, especially that Kim and Sheree!!! Well for all of those of you who can’t stand Sheree, don’t fear because karma has paid her back BIG TIME!!!!

According to sources at mediatakeout.com, Sheree is in the poor house. All during the show Sheree was boasting about the seven figure settlement that she was going to get from her soon to be ex-husband NFL star Bob Whitfield . Well, we don’t know the exact figures, but she sure enough did not get her wish….


ha ha ha ha ha har de har har

According to Mediatakeout.com,  Sheree has put up her home ,a 9,000 square foot mansion on the market for $2.8 million.

2.8 Million??? Yes to you and I that’s a WHOLE lot of $$, but we all saw the homes that those women were living in. Yes the market is down everywhere, BUT that home should have sold for multi-millions. After consulting with my sister who is a real estate agent, she deduced that it was sold at such a low price (in millionaire standards) because she has to be in financial constraints. This would also explain why she pulled her children out of the best of the best private schools, and placed them in public school this past year.  That must have been a blow to Sheree’s ego.

The biggest disappointment of all I am sure came from the fact on national TV she made herself look like a gold digging fool by proclaiming that she was going to get “7 figures from her soon to be ex” . According to Mediatakeout.com, she is appealing the divorce settlement. I am sure she didn’t even get HALF of what she was wish-in’ and hopin’ and prayin’ for! According to court documents, she’s appealed the settlement all the way to the Georgia Supreme Court.

The Georgia Supreme Court??? Are you SERIOUS SHEREE? In my opinion Supreme Court appeals are for cases that matter like rape, murder, CIVIL INJUSTICE, not the fact that you want to squeeze your ex-man for millions? Have some dignity woman! Also I am sure your lawyers are just trying to get the most out of you! It’s a trap don’t fall for it! In the end the Court will not grant you ANYTHING (because they have ALL seen the show!!!) and then you will be left with no $$, and public embarrassment, and a HUGE BILL from your trifling attorneys! Wow…. I wince at just thinking about what a nightmare it must have been like to have been married to you….

KEEP RUNNING BOB………. RUN as FAST as you can, like you are catching a ball on the field!!!!

Well, like they say… “What goes around… comes right back around!”

One word…. OUCH!

Stay Tuned for more developments on this train wreck pile up….


Night Night

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