Prop 8 is STUPID!!!: Here is My Favorite Internet Clip That Shows You Why…

Posted on December 7, 2008


Hey Kids….


Take just a couple minutes out of your busy day to check this out. I’m really hoping that most of you who tune in are NOT fans of this ridiculous attempt to set out country centuries back! Proposition 8 total BS! It’s the last gasping breath of the  DYING Republican Reich to try and impose their scariness amongst us all! Don’t fall for it people. I’m not going to get on my political soapbox for this one, because this FABULOUS clip explains it all!  It  has a star studded cast including: Jack Black, Neil Patrick Harris, John C. Reily, and MANY, MANY, MANY, more. Yes it is hilarious, but it will also make you think!


Check it out, and enjoy the music!


PROP 8: The Musical! CHECK IT OUT and Get with the TIMES


More from later on this weekend! Keep it LOCKED!


Until Then…

Rest those tired eyes and take a cat nap……