Kim Z Shows on the Bonnie Hunt Show She has Lost Not Only Her Hair & Her Marbles

Posted on December 12, 2008


Hiya Peeps! 

Happy Friday to you all.

If you haven’t had the chance to crack the hell up at these clips, then please take a couple minutes to view them.

Clip one: Bonnie Hunt and Nicey Nash (from Reno 911) do a parody of Kim and Nene  on The Bonnie Hunt’s Show. It was stark raving hilarious. Bonnie and Nicey got Kim and NeNe DEAD ON! I was so impressed with Bonnie Hunt! On her show she is such a soccer mom. It seems like she is wearing a sweat suit most of the time. For this skit she had her pittleywinks out and at attention! Just like Kim did, but Bonnie’s boobies are real!


What really took the cake, what REALLY truly showed Kim’s true insanity was when she called the Bonnie Hunt Show and asked to be on the show!   No one (even they are not in their right mind) would want to be the but of a joke like that.  This was clearly a very lame attempt by her “record label” to get attention for her “upcoming album”.  Kim is no actress by any stretch of the imagination. She couldn’t fake the funk. It was so embarrassing I had to watch it with my hand partially covering my eyes. 

Lawd have mercy!  How is she going to bring her kids on this show first and foremost. They have been through enough humiliation. The wig in a box? Are you kidding me, Kim?  Bonnie got it right the first time. There was no difference between the plastic Barbie wig that Bonnie wore in her skit, and the plastic Barbie wig you brought her in a box. WOW! Kim fake acting like she wanted the world to believe that she thought the skit was funny, was the real joke.  Please…. it was evident she  was crying on the inside. Who wouldn’t be. The clincher was the fact she proclaimed “I can sing!” That was it for me. It was so embarrassing it was painful  to watch. Bonnie couldn’t even touch that one.  YIKES

Kim, once again you have proven to be the BEST  comedic material one could EVER wish for! I just CANNOT WAIT until Season II to  get more and more…

PLEASE, PLEASE, when your “album” is released go on as many talk shows as you can so that I can ROTFLMAO! I BEG of YOU!!!!

Hope you enjoyed that one kids. What a great kick off for the weekend!

Stay Tuned

Night Night


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