Posted on December 12, 2008



Jó éjszakát

(Good Evening in Hungarian)

Hey People! It’s technically FRIDAY night! TGIF! As you are finalizing your weekend plans, I just wanted to confirm a story that I published this past week about NeNe Leakes. One of my disillusioned readers wrote to me in complete disbelief over NeNe’s eviction woes. She said “Are you sure this is the truth?, now a days, you just can’t believe everything you read”. Which of course is true, you can’t! Unfortunately as WRONG as I wish that I were about this story, it is all truth.

Fox News in Atlanta was so intrigued by this story that they launched their own full on investigation about NeNe. I am no fan of FOX News by any stretch of the imagination. I find them to be down right evil! One thing I will give it to them for, when they want to investigate a story  and get to the bottom of something, they are down right RELENTLESS. They brought that same vigor and determination to EXPOSE NeNe Leakes. It was so disturbing to watch. It is one thing to read about this horrible train wreck of  events, but it is another thing to see the FOX news team rip apart NeNe’s credibility! They even went as far as to suggest that the $20,000 that NeNe has collected for her Twisted Hearts foundation was  not appropriately. Of course they did not elaborate on what the funds were used for, but they sure did infer that some mishandling had been going on.

Ohhhh NeNe… I just really feel bad for you. Perhaps the fame of being on the show wasn’t worth all this public embarrassment. 



Chew on that one kids…

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