NeNe’s BFF Dwight Eubanks Landed His Own Reality Show!

Posted on December 13, 2008


Good Evening My People

Before you go rushing off to this evenings festivities, I wanted to share with you that the real star of Housewives of Atlanta, Dwight Eubanks has landed his own reality show!

photoshoot1105HE  is TOO Fierce!

Of course this really does not come as a shock! The minute that Dwight stepped unto the scene with NeNe, he just took over! It was a wrap! I have stolen the phrase “How Dreadful” because of this man. Remember this scene..

This  sealed the deal for Dwight’s new show called “Behind the Purple Door“. Dwight Eubanks is the owner of a fabulous salon in the heart of Atlanta called “The Purple Door “. The show will feature the ultra fabulous Dwight and his ultra fabulous staff as they service the elite class of Atlanta.

You know this is going to be a TRIP!


Stay Tuned for more information about this undoubtedly FANTASTIC show! I cannot wait to watch… I know you’re already excited Anderson…


Get on the good foot Y’all! More soon…

Night Night