Nightly Candy’s New Favorite Clip of the Week: Duck Dubya Duck, the Iraqi’s HATE YOU

Posted on December 15, 2008



Boas noites

(Good Evening in Galician)

10 DAYS until  CHRISTMAS!!! I can’t even believe it people! The time is FLYING BY! I hope you all are taking time to enjoy the holidays…

This week let’s start it off right and LAUGH our behinds off at this clip! A fellow comedian sent it to me this morning, and it truly made my day. As the countdown is ticking closer to the day George W. Bush will END his days of totalitarian reign, this clip totally encompasses the true spirit of how OVER IT WE ALL ARE!

WOW… At least I can say this for certain, that DUBYA can duck. If he hadn’t he could have really got clocked. Maybe a swift kick in the head could do him some good though? As much as I couldn’t stand his leadership of the free world, I do take some pity on him. He’s probably the most despised man in all the world! That can’t  feel too good! I guess the people of Iraq are not so grateful for “setting them free” from the evil rule of Sadam Hussein? You would think they would want to embrace you for emancipating them, right? 



They hate you! Probably more than we do! 


Oh dear Lawd Mr. Obama, I’m sorry but this is just not cute.. You’ve got major cojones, because I would have quit already… I’m on my knees praying.. Because this FOOL really funked it up.. 

Well… you reap what you sow…

Watch George W. Bush DUCK from the Rath of an ANGRY IRAQI

Catch Ya on the FLIP SIDE…


Night Night