Beyonce, I Tip My Hat To You………….. You’re HILARIOUS…

Posted on December 19, 2008



Good Evening Peeps..

I thought this had to be an another SNL digital short at first, but alas its real..

Just like the movie Cadillac Records, Beyonce must have executive produced this latest train wreck of a film. There just can’t be any other valid explanation for a waste of millions of dollars, except that Sasha wants yet another attempt to show the world she can act. 


Obsessed“, is her latest debacle, coming out in April.  This movie looks like a very low-budget copy of  “Fatal Attraction”.


There is just no point whatsoever to try and cinematically re-do “the stalker blond co-worker”  because that ship sailed a loooong time ago!   Michael Douglas and Glenn Close were amazing in that movie. It’s timeless, and still to this day freaks me the hell out. It received SIX Academy Award nominations.  Oh maybe there is a chance that this time,  she’ll receive a nod from the academy with this one..  I’m crossing my fingers for you Sasha..


Unless you’ve paid off the Academy as well, I HIGHLY doubt that will ever happen for you.

I can’t wait for to go to Atlantic Ave a week after it hits the screen, to buy a bootleg copy . The only reason why I will bother paying 5 bucks, is because there is a family of Mexicans that sell Cd’s and DVD’s on the strip. I buy bad movies from them  as my way of giving. Then I’ll pop some corn (over the stove for this occasion) call up my gays (yes the gays I roll with are team  Rhianna and Ciara, thank goodness) and we’ll sit and ROTF and LOAO!! Now that’s my idea of a slamming good night! Thanks Sasha, you’re the BEST! I’m marking my calendar  right  now!!



More soon…

Night Night