This Hands Down is the WORST SONG In the History of the WORLD..

Posted on December 21, 2008



 As I watch the snow fall and count down the days before Christmas, I can’t believe that I was hit with what I now believe is the most horrific song known to man… 

I actually battled with myself if I should even mention this on my blog. I’m not really a fan filthy stuff,  so if you there are any under age readers, log off your computer right NOW!i I could just barely handle this, so this is not material suited for your youthful eyes… Seriously… for your own good…… RUN..

Now… it’s 2008. We have a black President who is days away from taking office. Can we please act with a little more dignity and class my fellow black people? When I heard this song, it made me laugh, but not the har de har har har laugh, the laugh that you do when you hear something so uncomfortable and disturbing ,it is a knee jerk reaction .

The song is called ” Smell Yo Dick?” By Riskay featuring Aviance and Real produced by a DJ Quest


The title says so much. When I watched the video, I was hoping to see Andy Samburg from SNL jump into the scene, praying it was an SNL digital short. Ah, but that was not the case. This woman is singing/rapping about smelling her  man’s penis to indicate if he was out to 5am planting trees in a nursing home, or cheating on her..

Riskay….. RISKAY…. Riiiissskayyy

I am a strong and very proud black woman. NEVER have I been ashamed of it…

EXCEPT for learning of you and your sick and sad song.  Riskay is the  quintessential stereotype of a black women. The uneducated, ghetto-fabulous, inarticulate hoar of a  woman who doesn’t have enough self-esteem or self worth. She sings about staying with a  man that ignores her, beats her, and sleeps with other women. How are we going to progress as women and as a people if this song is gaining notoriety and is bumping in the Florida night clubs??????

There is an actual line in the song where the fat azz ugly dude says something along the line of “smelling my dick is what gets a bitches eyes swoll up“.  Are you kidding me? When did it become acceptable release songs about beating up women? Black men get a bad rep enough as it is, and DJ Quest wants to produce music that supports the notion and stereotype that black men are criminal, aggressive, and dangerous. Is it not enough that the prevailing images on television are of black men are  handcuffed, with their heads down being led by the police into questioning for some heinous crime????

This has got to stop! Let’s boycott this craziness… Check out Riskay’s Myspace and tell this woman she needs counseling, rehabilitation, a personal trainer, and  a Bible.

She also has a song called “Krispy Creme” were she sings about her pun as being like a donut as , because its FRESH and OPEN ALL NITE..


 Coretta Scott King, Rosa Parks, Shirley Chilsom, and  Sojourner Truth are all rolling in their graves simultaneously…

PLEASE…. let’s put  this chick on BLAST and just like in the Jim Crow South BOYCOTT Riskay and her stank clan!… Let’s give the talented  women who are making amazing and beautiful music have the spotlight. This is just ridiculous!!!!!!!!! I’m so done… I feel like a need a shower after hearing that song… eeekkkssss

I’ll be back soon with some positive vibrations very soon.


Night Night