NEW Housewives NEWS: Sheree is a Shoplifter and Kim Z is REALLY 30…

Posted on December 23, 2008


Evening Y’all

Here is an early gift that you can unwrap right now!

Even though The Real Housewives of Atlanta has been off the air for a couple weeks now it is very apparent that there is still GREAT interest in these ladies! As the weeks move on, more and more interesting information has been revealed. 

Basically BRAVO put one over us… the only one of those ladies who has any real kinda of doe, is DeShawn Snow, so funny that she was the most sterile and boring of characters in reality TV history!!! 

82012181DeShawn “Snooze FEST ” Snow

The rest of the ladies were all frontin’ hard with the “I don’t keep up with the Joneses.. I am the Joneses crap” As I reported a couple blog posts prior, NeNe was evicted from her home, her husband Gregg owes over $100K in back taxes,  and is now in hiding.

Sheree… Sheree… Sheree.. is currently waiting for the Atlanta Supreme Court to shove her court papers back in her face and give her a huge “HELL NO” to her 7 figure settlement she bragged about on national TV. In the meantime , people have been digging up dirt on this lying sack of silicone. Apparently, Sheree needs to lower done her nose that she had way in the air, because she is former  FELON….

That’s Right Y’all

Sheree is former SHOPLIFTER… 

 Not only was she a shoplifter, but a bad one because she was caught and arrested for it.. Not once… BUT TWICE! In 1989, when she was 19, she was arrested twice for theft in her native Ohio.

100109447_10282008-rhatlwhitfield02“how small of you?” Sheree trying to act as though you are above the common folk..

Lisa Wu Hartwell, was fronting also about being rich. I am not sure where Ed’s millions are?? But apparently Lisa is a hot mess up to her head in debt. Her ex-husband Keith Sweat despises her so much that he doesn’t even want to share custody of their two children with her. He was awarded by the court full custody. Which SAYS A LOT… You all know that the courts always find in favor of keeping the children with their mothers UNLESS the mother is cracked out and crazy (i.e Brittney Spears).


Lisa WU is AKA : Sharon Millette Wu, Sharon Lisa Sweat, and Lisa Wu-Sweat , and crackhead…

The rumor that was circulating around the Internet that Lisa Wu  likes to dibble and dabble with the rock, might be true.. In addition to her alleged drug problem, Keith Sweat SUED Lisa Wu for $150,000 for a loan he claims to have  given to her for a movie she wanted to make called Blackball. Now I am not a fan of Keith Sweat, but the brotha did well in the music  and he runs some successful businesses in the real world. $150K is nothing to a man like Keith, so the fact he would spend the thousands of $$ to take her to court, says a LOT… hmmm something is definitely stewing there… It’s probably sooo ugly, I really don’t want to know the truth to be honest…

But alas, the clincher and best tidbit out of this story is the fact that KIM Z… The trick of all tricks… wasn’t lying about her age????

kim2How on EARTH can this sagging, over tanned, elephant skinned, FAKE all over biznitch be 30??? She looks like she is pushing 45…. If  The New York Post  had not reported this story with evidence to boot, I would have NOT believed it. I still don’t want to believe it actually.

According to the New York Post : 

As a teenager in Windsor Locks, Conn., she had a high-profile affair with a police sergeant, John MacDougald. According to the Hartford Courant, Zolciak was “16 or 17” when the romance began and allegedly a witness in a criminal investigation at the time. McDougald, a 25-year veteran of the police department, copped to the affair-but insisted that the relationship started after the case was closed. The scandal helped touch off an internal investigation in the Windsor Locks police department-where allegations of secret tapings, sexual-assault charges and cover-ups flew.The upshot of unleashing these skeletons in her closet? The Hartford Courant’s reporting on the scandal, which unfolded in the summer of 1997, identified Zolciak’s age as 19.

What a skank huh… I mean dang………… Looks like things haven’t changed from the age of 19 up until now. Since her and Big Papa have split up,  she is incapable of providing for herself, so she jumped on the next trainwreck bandwagon she could find. 

 Kim Z is reportedly now dating a very wealthy cosmetic surgeon named Dr. Stefan Lemperle, who helped invent some wrinkle filler that was never given FDA approval, but that he injected into his patients’ faces anyway, causing adverse reactions, a lawsuit, legal troubles, and theloss of his job as CEO of Artes Medical.

OMGoodness… looks like these ladies are just good for a lot of ratings and a lot of  DRAMA… I wonder how BRAVO is going to approach the second season of this debacle of a show? Well you and I know that they will come up with something clever that will make us not pull away.

Stay Tuned for more breaking RHOA chatter when I get it…


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